The Chase's Mark Labbett issues stern warning to ITV bosses – sniping 'if you don't like my attitude, don't hire me' | The Sun

THE Chase legend Mark Labbett has issued a stern warning to ITV bosses and insists they should not 'hire him' for their flagship show.

The 57 year old quizzer has made a name for himself on the popular ITV quizzing favourite but he recently admitted that he had plans to spread his wings and bag appearances on a few other shows too.

But it seems that there will be one programme that Mark will fail to be cast on – having already been turned down for the show twice before.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Mark insisted that he would not make a great campmate in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.

He told the publication that his 'hangry' personality could lead to him coming to blows with his co-stars and being the 'campmate from hell'.

Mark said: “I might be the campmate from hell. I get hangry, which is being angry because I’m hungry. And that is not good."

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The star, also known as The Beast, went onto admit to being competent in butchery as he made a bizarre admission that this could come in handy if a campmate was to 'cross him'.

Mark said: "I am a man who likes his food. I make no bones about it… my father was a butcher, so I know basic butchery.

"If somebody crosses me and it affects the food, I will have them up on a spit and roast them within five minutes.

“If my attitude isn’t going to work, they shouldn’t hire me."

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The TV favourite continued: “I don’t want them getting me on the show then afterwards saying, ‘We didn’t realise you were such a psychopath’.” 

Mark also confessed that both times he had met with show bosses in the past, his weight was brought up "in a negative way".

He recently shedded nine stone bringing him down to weighing around the 20 stone mark.

Mark is currently in the throes of a new romance with TV presenter and entertainment reporter Hayley Palmer.

The couple have become TV's most in-demand pair after getting together after a string of loved-up dates.

Hayley recently accompanied Mark to Los Angeles where he recorded a brand new TV show and they even managed to squeeze in a few romantic evenings with one another.

The pair also recently told GB News that whilst Mark might not be ready for the jungle just yet, they were hopeful they could both land two other big shows in the next year.

Mark told the channel: “We’ve set ourselves a little goal. I’d like to get on Strictly and [Hayley would] like to get on Dancing on Ice.

"I can’t do Dancing on Ice because my ankle is far too inflexible, they tested me last year. But, you know, Strictly will be fine.”

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