The Chase’s Bradley Walsh scolds Jenny Ryan after social media admission ‘Get a life!’

The Chase: Fans in hysterics over 'shelfie' question

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants onto The Chase on Tuesday afternoon. Michael, Lauren, Blake, and Natalie were the four players taking on Chaser Jenny Ryan in a bid to win a cash prize. However, when a question about book lovers came up, Bradley took the opportunity to mock his ITV co-star Jenny.

Lauren went head to head with Jenny after securing £5,000 in her cash builder round.

She chose to play for the prize money she’d earned, declining the Chaser’s higher and lower offers.

However, as the Chase got underway it wasn’t long before a quirky question puzzled presenter Bradley.

The quiz host read out the question: “What name is given to a photo of bookshelves that is shared to social media?”

Bradley seemed taken aback as he looked at the answer options: Bookie, Readie, or Shelfie.

The presenter mumbled: “I don’t think I know what any of that means”.

However, Lauren seemed more confident as she quickly locked in her answer as “shelfie”.

“Not a selfie, but a shelfie,” she explained, with Bradley replying: “Understood”.

After confirming that Lauren had answered the question correctly, the presenter was keen to find out if taking a shelfie was a common habit.

Bradley asked the contestants: “Have you ever done that? Taken a photograph of a bookshelf?”

All of them insisted they’d never taken a shelfie, so Bradley turned to ask Jenny the same thing.

Nodding her head, Jenny remarked: “How do you think we Chasers communicate?”

The studio erupted with laughter as she confessed: “We send each other pictures of our bookshelves.”

Bradley blasted his co-star for her social media antics, saying: “Get a life!”

Despite getting the book themed question correct, Lauren struggled to outrun the Chaser and was eventually caught.

Jenny’s nerdy knowledge proved its value throughout the game as she managed to take out all four of the contestants.

However, at the end of the show, the Chaser conceded it had been a particularly difficult episode.

Addressing the contestants after they’d lost, Jenny said: “I’m sorry that you’ve not got a bigger smile on your face right now.

“It was a very tough show for all of us and well done for toughing it out,” she added.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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