The Blacklist fans baffled as James Spader fails to return to NBC

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Before The Blacklist commences its final season, star James Spader was scheduled to feature on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, presumably to talk about the upcoming premiere. But to fans’ surprise, the Raymond Reddington character failed to show his face on NBC’s hit talk show, after NFL sports star Travis Kelce showed up instead.

Last week NBC announced that The Blacklist’s James Spader would be the leading interview guest when he returns to The Tonight Show, after his first appearance on the chat show in 2013.

Although Spader is known for being a private actor, as he rarely takes part in any interviews, fans were still shocked to find out his plans to appear on the chat show were scrapped. 

The news came via commercials that Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce was now booked to chat with host Fallon, alongside Magnum PI star Jay Hernandez. 

It is speculated that plans to drop Spader’s segment were because of the recent Super Bowl, where Kelce’s team the Kansas Chiefs won against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The official Twitter account of The Tonight Show tweeted the lineup that was due for last night’s show, resulting in confused fans rushing to ask about Spader as he was no longer on the list.

Replying to The Tonight Show’s tweet, @miller2275 commented: “No Spader????”

While fellow fan @SpaderLoverGirl echoed: “WTF HAPPENED TO JAMES SPADER.”

A third confused fan, Jimmy_Spader_ tweeted: “Wait what? Is James Spader not on The Tonight Show tonight anymore? #jamesspader #theblacklist.”

@JillHolderTW vented: “Where’s #JamesSpader ??? Fans have been living for this moment after not seeing him for 9 months thanks to @nbc [angry face emoji]. We’ve had 1 disappointment after another! @netflix, PLEASE pick #TheBlacklist up, It’s best series EVER thanks to Spader.”

The confusion didn’t stop there, after an account claiming to be the “OFFICIAL PRIVATE PROFILE” of Spader himself, tweeted that he will see fans “soon” before The Tonight Show aired.  

The tweet read: “How do you really feel being scared of what you didn’t do and also scared of getting what you need, are you making a survivor of yourself or your killings yourself!!

“Stay strong!!! No matter how bigger it may be to you. Thanks for tonight’s show. Hope to see you soon. 

To which baffled fan @LizzieRedlove replied: “You weren’t there?” followed by a laughing emoji.

Another fan, @SpaderLoverGirl added: “Imagine pretending to be James and then not getting it right that he wasn’t even on The Tonight Show tonight [laughing emoji]”. 

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It hasn’t been confirmed why Spader’s segment on The Tonight Show was dropped but it was most likely to be because NBC wanted to cover recent events that took place during the Super Bowl. 

It is believed the Spader interview will be featured at some point before the 10th and final season is set to premiere on NBC next Sunday. 

However, the star is not currently on the schedule for any upcoming episodes of The Tonight Show.

Meaning it is likely producers could edit parts of the segment to make it timeless, as the interview may have already been filmed of Spader giving fans the down-low of season 10. 

The first look of the upcoming season was released to fans as it showcases throwback footage from throughout the show’s run, along with a tease at what’s to come.

The trailer opens with one of the show’s first scenes, which could see Spader’s character Raymond “Red” Reddington surrendering at an FBI facility.

Spader can be heard saying: “When all this began, I was such a different person. It’s quite a story.” 

The Blacklist will return to NBC in the USA on Sunday, February 26. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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