'The Bachelor': Did Cassie Randolph's Rumored Musician Boyfriend Really Write a Song About Colton Underwood Titled, 'Creep'?

Colton Underwood awarded Cassie Randolph his final rose on his season of The Bachelor. They went on to date for about two years, announcing their breakup in May 2020. 

Then, in Sep. 2020, Randolph filed a temporary restraining order against Underwood for “stalking and harassing her.” Since then, the TRO has been dropped. 

Musician Brighton Reinhardt was linked to Randolph back in Aug., and he recently came out with a song called, “Creep.” Some Bachelor fans think the number is about Underwood. 

The restraining order

According to court documents, Randolph’s restraining order request was in response to several “unsettling” text messages from Underwood, repeated phone calls, him showing up at her home unannounced, and a tracking device that was placed on her car. The TRO was extended after another court hearing on Oct. 6. 

But in Nov., Randolph dropped both the restraining order and the police investigation against Underwood. 

“Today Cassie asked the court to dismiss the temporary restraining order against me,” Underwood told TMZ. “The two of us were able to reach a private agreement to address any of Cassie’s concerns. I do not believe Cassie did anything wrong in filing for the restraining orders and also believe she acted in good faith. I appreciate everyone’s respect for privacy regarding this matter.”

Cassie Randolph and Brighton Reinhardt

Back in Aug. 2020, Bachelor fans noticed that Reinhardt was spending time with Randolph and her family. Fans also noticed that they’d been “liking” each other’s Instagram posts all of a sudden. 

But Reinhardt told Us Weekly that the fan speculation was incorrect. He and Randolph are just friends.

“Cassie and I are just friends and have been for over four or so years,” he told the publication. “My brothers and I are all close with Cassie and her whole family.”

Is Brighton’s song, ‘Creep,’ about Colton Underwood?

In Jan. 2021, Brighton debuted a new song called “Creep.” The number includes such lyrics as “Put a tracker on her whip just to watch her pump the breaks” and “God I hope you get your thinking right.” Some fans are thinking the song is about Underwood. 

Over on Reddit, it seems to be pretty unanimous.  

“it’s definitely about Colton…’GPS on the underside,’” commented one Bachelor fan. 

A few Reddit users wrote that they hope Reinhardt Ok’d the song with Randolph prior to going live (if the song was inspired by her situation). 

“I’m surprised she was cool w this,” commented one fan. “I’m not sure I’d want someone writing a song about a traumatic experience I had with my ex.”

Another fan noted that the song appears to hint at the possibility that Reinhardt and Randolph are dating. 

“If this song is about Colton (which it really appears to be), the lyrics make it clear they’re dating,” commented one Reddit user, who cited the following lyrics as examples. 

“You can’t stop thinking about my baby / What once was yours in the world is changing”

“You see I gotta problem with how you handled things / You know this woman requires special handling / And if you wanna get some answers we can handle things / I’m just not with all the creepiness the camera brings”

Reinhardt hasn’t spoken about whether Underwood was the inspiration for “Creep.” But many Bachelor fans think there’s certainly a connection.

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