Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant's Kayla Sessler slams MTV for 'not treating' cast as well as Teen Mom OG & Teen Mom 2 stars

TEEN Mom: Young & Pregnant's Kayla Sessler slammed MTV for "not treating" the cast as well as Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2's stars.

The young mom had previously revealed she was a runner-up for Teen Mom 2 but the role ended up going to Ashley Jones as she replaced Chelsea Houska.

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In a series of Instagram stories, the 22-year-old mom of two answered fans' questions, which led her to air some dirty laundry about MTV.

When a fan asked when the new season of Young & Pregnant was coming out, she said: "We were supposed to be airing May 4th after TM2, but now I'm being told August. SMH.

"MTV doesn't treat Y&P the same way they treat OG and 2 and then wonder why our ratings are were they should be."

She then hinted that the upcoming season will be "the most drama-filled season I've had" after she was done filming in December 2020.

And in a third post, a fan told her that they actually enjoyed watching Young & Pregnant, to which she answered: "Our show has been off the air for too long."

Additionally, Kayla opened up about her role as a mom and said that she's currently not trying for a third baby.

The MTV star shares son Izaiah with ex Stephan Alexander and daughter Ariah with fiance Luke Davis.

She also claimed in her Q&A that Stephan is not part of Izaiah's life at the moment.

Kayla – who now has an OnlyFans to make ends meet – and Stephan have had a tumultuous relationship since the birth of their son.

Most recently, The Sun revealed that Stephan was ordered by a court to pay Kayla $11 every month for child support.

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Kayla filed a complaint for support against Stephan in February 2018, four months after the birth of their son Izaiah, 3. 

In March 2018, Stephan was ordered to pay temporary child support in the amount of $124 per month. 

The child support was adjusted to $40 a month until June 2036 in April 2018.

Because neither party has health insurance available through an employer, Izaiah is covered by “public health insurance.”

Both Kayla and Stephan listed their monthly income at $751. Stephan listed MTV – New Remote Productions as his employer. 

Kayla confirmed this as she posted her child support check in the amount of $11.07 from her ex on Instagram.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: "So I just got my child support check in the mail, and this is for how much. This is not a joke. This is real life.”

Kayla’s fiance, Luke, stepped in as a father figure for their son. 

She wrote on Instagram last year: “I used to be so heartbroken that my son would grow up without a father, but I did all that worrying for nothing! GOD ALWAYS HAS A PLAN. Izaiah couldn’t possibly have a better dad than Luke. Their bond is unbreakable.

"@bluechip_ld3 I am so thankful for you! It takes a strong man to step up to the plate that another man left on the table. You’ve changed Izaiah’s life for the better. He doesn’t see a “step” dad when he looks at you, he just sees HIS DADDY."

Kayla and Luke welcomed their daughter, Ariah Jordynn, in August 2019. 

The couple moved from Illinois to Iowa for Luke’s basketball career. 

She even revealed she was in the running to replace Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea when she announced her departure from the show after 10 seasons.

The network ultimately went with her co-star Ashley, as Kayla said she is “completely fine with that!”

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