Teen Mom fans SLAM Jade Cline for having 'dangerous' Brazilian Butt Lift surgery to change body instead of 'exercise'

TEEN Mom 2 fans slammed star Jade Cline for undergoing a "dangerous" Brazilian Butt Lift surgery instead of changing her body with "diet and exercise."

The 23-year-old prepared for the surgery during Tuesday's episode of the MTV show.

While explaining why she was moving forward with the surgery, the mother of one said she is a confident person.

However, Jade noted that everyone has insecurities and admitted she isn’t completely happy with her physical appearance.

With the support of fellow Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus, Jade flew to Florida to have the risky procedure done.

After the show's Instagram account shared a clip of Jade ahead of the procedure, fans took to the comments section to slam the reality star for having the surgery instead of losing weight in a more natural way.

Many people pointed out how dangerous the procedure is, as one fan wrote: "Brazilian butt lift is the most dangerous surgical procedure and it has the most people die per year from it. They just talked about this on TMZ yesterday and said 8 people died in Florida recently from it and all procedures were temporarily stopped."

Another added: "One of thee most high risk surgeries. Now banned in the UK."

Others said slammed Jade for willingly risking her life when she has a daughter to take care of, as another person said: "I feel bad for women that think they need this just to love their bodies. Risking their lives especially with small children at home. I wish women would love the skin theyre born in more."

A fourth person added: "This sends a terrible message to young girls watching the show. Love the skin your in."

The backlash continued over to Twitter, as one person wrote: "Jade, do you know what will instill confidence? Hit the gym."

A following person added: "Jade go to the gym and lose some weight. Stop eating junk food and doing drugs. What a loser."

Despite her hesitations to go under the knife during the episode, Jade went through with the Brazilian butt lift back in January.

The TV star has been quite open about the procedure, which involves taking fat from elsewhere on the body and injecting it into the butt.

She explained on her podcast, Jay & Kay Unfiltered, that she has always felt left out as she was the only woman in her family not to have a booty.

She previously admitted: "I mean, my mom, my grandma, everyone’s had big a**es and big ti**ies, and it just skipped me. 

“I’m just built like a board. I just don’t have the curves. If God isn’t gonna give me the curves, Dr. Chang will.”

Jade has since then spoken out about the procedure and described the surgery as being "painful" and claimed it took some "unexpected turns."

She admitted: "It was 10 times worse than childbirth. Everyone is different, but I know that my body definitely had a hard time recovering."

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