Teen Mom Ashley Jones' 'lips still swelling to double their size after severe allergic reaction’ due to fillers

TEEN Mom star Ashley Jones has urged fans to do their research before getting dermal fillers after she suffered a devastating allergic reaction that's left her lips swelling to "double" their size.

The reality TV star, 24, took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday where she revealed she'd spent four days in the hospital after having fillers injected into her lips in March.

Ashley claimed that doctors were unsure as to the cause of her allergic reaction and that she was still suffering from symptoms months later, with her lips swelling up to "double their size."

"Please do you [sic] research and stuff before you get hyaluron [sic] fillers," the MTV star wrote.

"I got them mid-march and had a terrible allergic reaction which kept me in hospital for 4 days and the doctors said it’s such a new thing that they haven't treated people much for this symptom."

She continued: "They also weren’t able to tell if it was the numbing agent that caused it or the actual filler itself.

"Every so often my lips swell to double their size and I have to spend the whole day cracked out on Benadryl. It was a very scary and bad experience. Not sure if this is talked about enough but be careful y’all."

Ashley revealed to fans back in March that she'd ended up in the hospital following her "severe allergic reaction" to fillers.

During a Q&A session held on her Instagram Story feed, the MTV star was asked whether she planned on having more plastic surgery.

She confessed she currently does not "have plans to get any surgery," before revealing her filler mishap.

Ashley's post comes shortly after she admitted during an episode that she "has anxiety" and is "irritated" as her baby daddy Bar, 24, headed to court for DUI.

The on-and-off-again couple has been engaged since November of last year and are parents to three-year-old daughter, Holly.

The star made the comments during the latest episode of Teen Mom, which was filmed before his most recent arrest in May.

After discussing his upcoming court appearance for his DUI, Ashley admitted she was "irritated" by the situation because "it's something that affects the whole household, not just him.

"I am nervous for him because he's young, he's black and now he's with the courts, so let's hope he can turn it around because it's just not cute," she said.

She confessed later in the show: "I'm wanting to figure this situation out finally so that we can move forward so that we can just plan a wedding.

"Like this is all creating so much anxiety."

The episode aired just weeks after Bar was arrested again, which The Sun exclusively reported.

According to a police report shared by the Instagram account TeenMom.Tea, Bar was arrested in May for "willful discharge of firearm in negligent manner."

He was held at Merced County Sheriff's Main Jail, where his bond was set at $25,000.

The Sun confirmed his arrest, while he was already released from jail the following day.

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