Susanna Reid shows off infected burn – but Piers Morgan has no sympathy

Susanna Reid showed off her bandaged-up finger after a burn became infected.

The Good Morning Britain host showed it off in the hope her co-host Piers Morgan would show her some affection and sympathy, but sadly this was far too much to ask.

Susanna turned to Piers, asking: "Do you admire me for my resilience this morning? It’s not very professional is it?

"I burnt myself in the toaster and then I got a really massive blister I thought, shall I pop the blister or no? I did and now it’s infected."

Piers sadly, looked absolutely unmoved by her efforts to draw him, as he just ignored her protestations for sympathy.

She continued to try, however, saying: "Come on, you’ve got to praise me for dragging myself into work this morning despite the fact I’m work!"

Finally, Piers decided to admit the truth of his feelings for her pain, saying: "You were working all weekend and now you’ve got a friction burn from all your hard work."

Clearly he was not impressed, and this continued as he was forced to speak to a barage of guests with some kooky views.

First, Lord Sugar told him cannabis should be legalised to stop stabbings in London, before a panel spoke in a heated debate about Stop and Search.

During this discussion, former Met Police superintendent Leroy Logan shot down Piers for his views on the police methods of finding knives, saying there is "racism" which means the proportion of those searched is not always fair.

Following this, a Dutch businessman spoke out about his plan to live as an "age fluid" man, meaning he would have his age legally changed to be 42 which he is actually 69 by birth.

And neither of the presenters were impressed by this.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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