‘Survivor’ Recap: Natalie and Jeremy’s Face-Off

New episode of “Survivor” season 37 aired on Wednesday, October 10, picking up right after Bi, Carl and Davie being off-guard following Jessica’s blindside. While Davie felt betrayed, Christian and Nick were happy with the position they were in, which was in between the alliances on their tribe.

Meanwhile at the Goliath camp, things were different. They bonded well after the victory and they seemingly had something in common in mind; voting Natalie out should they have to go to tribal. However, John planned something different. He thought that Natalie might help her stay longer in the game so he tried to help her stick around.

Mike and Jeremy also formed a friendship, though the latter began to be nervous as he feared that he’s being the subject of side conversations happening at his camp. He told his tribe to stick together, while letting others know about Dan’s hidden immunity idol.

Natalie and Alison for the Goliath and Christian and Gabby for the David went face-to-face at the immunity/reward challenge. Christian and Gabby came out as the winners, putting Natalie on the chopping block. Natalie asked for help to Jeremy, who later urged her to talk to others in camp. That made Angelina realize that Jeremy is a bigger threat than Natalie and tried to make others to vote Jeremy out instead of Natalie.

Things got ugly between Natalie and Jeremy with him calling her out for a lack of self awareness. Natalie shot back by saying that the way he spoke to her means he’s the one who’s not self aware. Others joined in, explaining that Natalie somehow rubbed them in the wrong way with how she spoke to people at the beginning of the game.

She later tried to reason herself. She told them that she wasn’t a threat as she’s just a 57-year-old woman, urging her that Jeremy should be the one voted out. Jeremy, meanwhile, tried to convince other tribe members that to win a challenge, they needed stronger people than Natalie. At the end, the votes were announced. It showed that the tribe members voted Jeremy out unanimously.

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