Stephen Colbert Examines Fired-By-Tweet John Bolton’s Boltin’

“I have never been more grateful for the president’s pettiness and stupidity,” Stephen Colbert said on The Late show tonight — meaning this must have been big!

“Because,” he continued, “today he was stupidly petty enough to save us from a very smart war monger.”

Yes, the late-night host was reveling in the departure of National Security Advisor John Bolton, who was fired by President Donald Trump — via tweet, natch.

Or was he? After word of his exit broke around 9 a.m. PT today, Bolton texted a number of media types to say he has resigned. And few things set off the Donald more than “you can’t fire me, I quit!” (Bonus points to anyone from whom that conjured intended memories of “We’re a Couple of Misfits” from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.)

As Colbert said rather verbosely, “And another Trumpling bites the dumpling of dirt.”

He added that we knew this particular split was coming because “Trump was very down on our Middle Eastern wars whereas Bolton had never seen a patch of sand he didn’t want to make glow.”

Have a look at the video clip below — and we dare you not to giggle at Colbert’s comment when the mega-moustachioed Bolton’s photo hits the screen:

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