‘Star Trek’ Trailer: Aldis Hodge Is Stranded on a Ship with a Sentient Computer in Latest ‘Short Treks’

“Star Trek: Discovery” Season 2 might not be reaching audiences until 2019, but CBS All Access released another reminder that the franchise still has a few full surprises in store before January comes around.

The streaming service released a first trailer for “Calypso,” the latest installment in the monthly anthology shorts series leading up to the return of the new flagship part of the “Star Trek” universe. This time around Aldis Hodge plays Craft, who finds himself on an empty vessel with a machine as his only companion. This first look also teases the idea that this all takes place a millennium beyond the current “Discovery” timeline. (Craft is the only of the four “Short Treks” protagonists to not have been previously introduced in Season 1 of “Discovery.”)

“Calypso” is directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, who’s worked on a number of TV shows, including being behind the camera for a pair of Season 1 “Discovery” episodes. Notably, this is also the “Short Treks” debut for writer Michael Chabon. In addition to writing the 21st century literary classic “The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay,” Chabon is also on the staff of the upcoming Captain Picard-centered spinoff in the works at CBS All Access.

Two more new “Short Treks” chapters will drop on the service after “Calypso,” leading up until the Season 2 “Discovery” premiere. December’s is slated to be an origin story of sorts for Saru (Doug Jones), while January’s will be a Harry Mudd-centered caper directed by Rainn Wilson himself. The first installment in this shorts series, featuring Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman) encountering an intriguing stranger, debuted earlier this month and is currently available to stream.

Watch the first trailer for “Calypso” below:

“Calypso” debuts Thursday, November 8 on CBS All Access.

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