Spoilers: Liam's future shattered in Emmerdale as he and Leyla can't recover

For the past few weeks Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) has been away from Emmerdale in rehab, trying to recover from the cocaine addiction that led her to have a heart attack and almost ended her life and her marriage to Liam (Jonny McPherson).

As Liam prepares to welcome her home again in upcoming episodes, Priya (Fiona Wade) is concerned that he hasn’t grasped the reality of the situation and how difficult things are going to be as Leyla navigates life as a recovering addict.

She enlists Jai (Chris Bisson), himself a recovering addict, to talk to Liam about what he should expect.

His words hit home to Liam, who realises that it’s not going to be easy and life won’t have magically returned to normal.

He and Leyla have couple’s therapy together and they’re both encouraged to open up about how they feel. Liam is left stressed and exhausted by the experience.

The next day, he brings Leyla back home from rehab, but the atmosphere is tense as he realises that everything has changed between them.

Can they get back on track?

Or is their marriage over?

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