Spoilers: Kim in Emmerdale is elated by Gabby's pregnancy as she forms a plan

Kim Tate (Claire King) has her eyes set on protecting the Tate dynasty, and is prepared to do whatever it takes in order to keep her empire going.

With Kim preparing to take Gabby (Rosie Bentham) under her wing as she admits to Gabby that she has potential, she is elated when Gabby announces she’s pregnant with Jamie’s (Alexander Lincoln) baby.

Gabby approaches Jamie asking to talk, but he cruelly shuts her down, pointing out she was a bad drunken mistake, and advising her to forget what happened between them.

As Gabby takes a test that confirms she’s pregnant, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) advises her to tell the father about the pregnancy, regardless of what his reaction may be.

It currently looks as though Jamie won’t react well to Gabby’s pregnancy, but as Claire King recently revealed, Kim is over the moon by the fact that she will soon have another grandchild, and sets about forming another plan:

‘I think Kim would be elated, actually. She prefers Gabby to Dawn and also because it’s another grandchild she can manipulate into the Tate dynasty. Kim is quite pleased about this, she wants to get rid of Dawn – so this is perfect.

She has it all planned, she tells Gabby she can move in, and says ‘I want that child in my house’ in true Kim Tate style.’

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