Spoilers: Hope is devastated by a violent death in Coronation Street

Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) gets an all-too graphic demonstration of the Circle of Life in upcoming Coronation Street episodes after Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) decide it would be good for her and Ruby (Macy Alabi) to have a pet.

Tyrone takes the girls to the pet shop and they return with an adorable bundle of fluff – Cilla the chinchilla.

Hope is smitten by Cilla and Fiz and Tyrone are delighted and hope that looking after Cilla could be the diversion she needs to take her mind off her morbid obsession with her notorious father John Stape and his misdeeds.

Then Kirk (Andrew Whyment) decides to go on holiday with Beth (Lisa George) and he needs someone to look after Peanut, his pet dachshund. Fiz says Hope can do it for a small payment. Kirk offers £5, Hope says she’ll do it for £10 and they have a deal.

Left alone with Cilla, Peanut starts to growl ominously.

The next day Hope is horrified when she finds the door to the chinchilla’s cage is open and Cilla isn’t in the cage. Ruby joins her as they frantically search the room for their pet. Then Hope screams as she sees the little animal dead on the carpet, while Peanut watches from her basket.

Has Peanut been a naughty dog? And how will Hope deal with this latest loss in her life?

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