Spoilers: Gabby perfects her Kim Tate smirk as they join forces in Emmerdale

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is Emmerdale’s biggest Kim Tate (Claire King) stan – and the superbitch in training is certainly doing a good job trying to fill her killer shoes.

Kim has see potential in Gabby and taken her under her wing at Home Farm and now the pair are both on the same mission – to get rid of Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

After spending the night with Jamie (Alexander Lincoln), Gabby wass hopeful that they might form a relationship, but she wass upset when he made it clear that it was a one off encounter.

Realising that Jamie only has eyes for Dawn, a jealous Gabby allowed Kim to think that it was her he spent the night with, and Kim’s reaction to potentially having Dawn in the family was as you’d expect.

With Gabby keen to impress Kim, she implied that they should get rid of Dawn but Kim pointed out they’d need to have a valid reason – they can’t just sack her, especially as her dad is the Home Farm groundsman Will (Dean Andrews).

Gabby seized the opportunity to tell Kim she will sort it and form a plan before delivering a classic Kim Tate smirk – and receiving one in return.

It’s the beginning of a very troublesome duo indeed as next week, Dawn will fall victim to Gabby’s scheming when she frames her for theft, leading to Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) firing her.

Catching Gabby’s satisfied look, Kim is quietly impressed. But as she and Gabby get closer, a baby bombshell is on its way to make things much more complicated!

How will Jamie react to this unholy union – and the news of a pregnancy?

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