Sofia Vergara, 48, stuns in sexy throwback video from the 90s in shimmering purple bikini

SOFIA Vergera has shared a fun throwback video to a photoshoot in the 1990s.

In classic 90s style, Sofia wear shimmery purple bikini with a criss-cross halterneck style and beach blonde bangs swept in front of her face.

Heavy black eye makeup and frosted lipstick completed the look.

The Modern Family star recently broke her silence after Ellen DeGeneres was accused of being “racist” for mocking her accent in a past talk show interview. 

Resurfaced clips of the 48-year-old Colombia native’s appearances on The Ellen Show have recently gone viral and sparked mass fan backlash for the host. 

One began with Ellen explaining to Sofia that she has been learning a Spanish word of the day. 

The standup comic said: “I thought I would teach you an English word.”

Though the crowd laughed, Sofia seemed less than pleased, as she responded, “Okay, I know English very well.”

In another interview, Ellen said while Sofia sat alongside her ABC co-stars: “Literally you have been on this show for 10 years and your accent has gotten worse. How is that possible?”

Then in another interview where Sofia promoted her movie Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon, Ellen told her: “Your English has gotten better I have to say.”

The new America's Got Talent judge then pointed to Reese and joked: “Her English?”

After weeks of Ellen, 62, being slammed by online haters, Sofia spoke up and claimed she was not a “victim.”

"Two comedians having fun with each other to entertain," the Modern Family actress tweeted.

“I was never a victim guys, I was always in on the joke."

After fans made the accusations, a source told The Sun that Ellen and Sofia have a “great friendship.”

The criticism came after BuzzFeed News spoke to 36 staffers about their alleged experiences on the set of the hit daytime show. 

One former employee alleged the show’s head writer and top producer Kevin Leman solicited him for oral sex at a company party in 2013.

Others claimed they witnessed him grope and kiss employees. 

In a separate interview in July, Ellen employees claimed they suffered from "racism, fear and intimidation” on set.

The Ellen Show has since fired Kevin – along with fellow executive producers Ed Glavin Jonathan Norman – following a lengthy investigation by parent company Warner Bros.

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