Should Manifest Flight Have Facebook Page? Five-0 Gals Join Sex Cult?! Was Jacked Chidi a Surprise? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Arrow, Manifest, NCIS and The Conners!

1 | How did Titans‘ Starfire incinerate Kovar and his henchmen, yet the photograph on the desk emerged unsinged?

2 | As engrossing and terrifying as The Haunting of Hill House‘s premiere was, did you find yourself spending way too much time trying to match the adult characters to their younger alter egos? (That said, did the show pull off some of this year’s best casting in the Flashback Characters Who Actually Look Like Present-Day Characters department?)

| Did MacGyver think that having Bozer moaning and groaning about a hangover for a full episode wouldn’t get super annoying?

| What was most problematic about Hawaii Five-0‘s Grover storyline: that the oldest, burliest team member was breezing through a super-oppressive heat wave to shoot a round of golf, or that he bullied his caddy to forge on and ultimately suffer heat stroke? Also, do you suspect Human Resources would like to have a word with Junior about sitting naked in Tani’s desk chair?

| What kind of strange CW synergy led to both Riverdale and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend having their lead characters plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit and put behind bars? (Not to mention, Green Arrow is also voluntarily in prison!)

| Didn’t you expect Blindspot‘s Blake Crawford to stick around for more than one Season 4 episode?

| Were you as shocked as Shameless‘ Ian to see Mickey?

| Were The Alec Baldwin Show‘s interviews sooooo low-key, you thought your TV had switched to a public access channel?

9 | Do people in WITSEC, such as Arrow‘s Felicity and William, freely call out each other’s real names across the apartment, where neighbors might hear? Also, what makes boarding school so safe? Lastly, can anyone who has ever handled a 45-lb. weight agree that Oliver walloping an inmate across the face with one would probably kill the guy, or at the very least KO him?

10 | Is Magnum P.I. leaning too hard, too fast into a Magnum/Higgins “Will they/won’t they” thing, with an entire episode that barely involved Rick and TC?

11 | Wouldn’t the Manifest passengers have started a Facebook group or chain text by now, to share stories of voices, visions, etc?

12 | Given this week’s real-world headlines, did you cringe a bit when The Resident‘s Dr. Bell said he “loves the Saudis”?

13 | Is it possible that The Voice‘s extremely truncated Battles are somehow even more offensive than the legendarily dreaded montage treatments of yore?

14 | Remember when Today‘s Megyn Kelly made a point of saying how she wanted to focus on topics other than politics? So why did she spend the first 11 minutes of Tuesday’s show on a discussion of Elizabeth Warren/Donald Trump?

15 | Did The Flash lose his chinstrap because they knew Stephen Amell would soon have had to stuff his beard into it for the crossover? And did the speedster drama quickly beat “schway” into the ground?

16 | On The Conners, was Dan’s line about how Roseanne “was going do what she was going to do,” and “never listened to a damn person in her life” about Roseanne Conner, or Roseanne Barr?

17 | In This Is Us‘ Vietnam episode, when Jack’s fellow soldier Robinson started talking about how he was going home in 90 days, and shared his plans to play pro baseball, weren’t you kind of sure that something terrible was about to happen to him?

18 | Would New Amsterdam be better off without the wife character?

19 | NCIS fans, can we talk about how poor the effects are in this season’s opening credits? Also, what’s with the multiple Point Break references in the NCIS-verse this fall?

20 | Could CBS’ Super Bowl post-game show pick have been any snoozier? Seriously, we’d sooner tune in for a super-sized Happy Together.

21 | Now that we’re a couple weeks into NBC’s #OneChicago Wednesday, do you prefer the three shows on one night, or spread out over the week? Speaking of the Windy City dramas, is Med‘s Dr. Choi trying to give Oliver Queen a run for his money?

22 | Would this week’s SEAL Team have been even more powerful if CBS’ promo department hadn’t spoiled nearly the entire episode?

23 | If A Million Little Things wants to avoid comparisons to This Is Us, couldn’t it have found another actor of a certain age — and not Gerald “Dr. K” McRaney — to play Delilah’s dad?

24 | Are we all just going to accept that there was a Riverdale character named Ben Button and… what… move on with our lives as if nothing happened?

25 | Whodathunk a bazillion years ago that Modern Family‘s Haley would turn out to be the most emotionally complex character?

26 | Are Single Parents‘ Miggy and The Good Place‘s Jason baaaaaasically the same character?

27 | Is The Good Place‘s Chidi officially the most ripped ethics professor in recorded history? Do they offer free CrossFit at that Australian university?

28 | Did The Big Bang Theory seriously bring back Bob Newhart only to use him in one, ridiculously short scene?

29 | Did Young Sheldon miss an opportunity to have Sheldon tell Tam (or any kid at school, for that matter) that he’s not crazy, his mother had him tested, following the twins study? That tag scene could have written itself, no?

30 | Do Hawaii Five-0‘s Steve and Danny know that Lynn and Melissa both joined an SVU sex cult? (Is that why Steve and Lynn broke up?)

31 | Supernatural fans, did you expect the Dean/Michael arc to last longer than two episodes? Or do you suspect Michael is just pretending to be Dean?

32 | For being a detective, wasn’t How to Get Away With Murder’s Nate way too obvious while tailing and taking photos of Bonnie’s sister?

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