Seann Walsh fooling around with firecracker proves comedy is all about timing

Over on ITV tonight, Seann Walsh was running around in a panic, frantically trying to put out fires that had been caused by him fooling around with a firecracker he should not have been fooling around with.

Well, they do say that comedy is all about timing.

Obviously, this was nothing to do with Seann’s extracurricular woes on Strictly Come Dancing.

It was the second series finale of ITV’s gentle and – now that the characters have bedded in – increasingly enjoyable country sitcom.

Seann’s rock star character Grizzo was warming up for the village’s annual Lantern Man Festival, in which a scruffy, shaggy-haired miscreant (in the form of a scarecrow/Guy Fawkes effigy) is jeered and humiliated by the crowds before being torched as a warning to others. (Seann will no doubt be hoping that doesn’t give the Strictly pros any ideas for the end of season wrap party.)

In the end, Grizzo’s hapless neighbour Steve (Jack Dee) was put in charge of the fireworks.

And – thanks to some classic slapstick involving a cup of tea and a control panel – he inadvertently ensured that the series ended with a bang. Whether the episode itself provided enough of a bang to persuade ITV to order a third series remains to be seen.

I hope that it does come back, though, because there’s a place for slow-burning character-based comedy such as this in the schedules.

I’m still not convinced that 8pm and sandwiched in between two episodes of Coronation Street is that place though.

Not least because it’s often a painful reminder that Coronation Street used to be good at this kind of thing.

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