SEAL Team fans praise ‘emotional’ episode 100

SEAL Team: David Boreanaz stars in season six trailer

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Season six of CBS and Paramount+’s action-packed and emotional drama delivered some gut-punch moments in last weekend’s stunning 100th episode, Watch Your 6. To mark the occasion of SEAL Team reaching such an impressive milestone, Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) had some powerful words of encouragement for his close friend Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot).

SEAL Team fans tuned into an emotional reunion for Clay and Jason following their botched mission in Mali.

In the sixth episode of the sixth season, Clay is still feeling conflicted after losing his leg and starting a new role as a Green Team instructor.

His friends confront him when they realise he has been using pills to help him through recovery despite claiming he would go through rehabilitation clean.

Later, Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.) cuts off a retirement announcement from Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) to inform the team Clay had taken off with a loaded rifle.

Jason eventually catches up with his friend and eventually manages to calm him down.

Clay is no longer sure what to do with his life now he’s lost his leg and been removed from the field, but Jason insists he has seen brothers come back from similar injuries.

Jason reminds him he managed to put his loved ones first, something he and Ray have never learned how to do.

Hard-hitting conversations between Clay and Jason have always been a highlight of the series, and SEAL Team’s 100th episode certainly delivered on that front.

Several fans took to Twitter during the episode to praise one of its most important conversations in the series’ history.

@XBellaNicoleX wrote: “That was an emotional episode of #SEALTeam.

“It showcased the power of brotherhood but also the amazing acting of the actors. It felt raw and real and that this happens for real is crazy to me.”

“The 100th episode was an emotional rollercoaster, but perfectly balanced with humor and emotion,” @xorunnerxo said.

“This episode was also important and needed in this storyline. Love the brotherhood scenes and them helping each other. Brothers for life.”

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@SaraBara_80 said: “I was worried about how @SEALTeam_pplus would be different with Spenser needing to be out of Bravo due to Max doing @FireCountryCBS.

“But wow! Max is killing it on both shows! Both characters are going through such emotional situations & Max is phenomenal!”

@Haleylu28 added: “Jason’s ‘bravo six, take us out will you?’ to Clay almost had me bawling.”

And @auntiev55 tweeted: “How does #SEALTeam keep getting better? Every time I think it has to have peaked, they surpass it!

“Great #100 episode! Everyone was great! @SEALTeamWriters excelled, as usual. Performances unbelievable!”

While @ally_iolana speculated: “Soo emotional. Definitely felt like Clay’s last episode, which made it doubly upsetting.

“I’m happy they gave the guys this type of brotherhood focus episode for his ending though. What a ride.”

Many fans were expecting main cast member Max to leave the series now he has landed a new role on CBS drama Fire Country, though an official announcement is yet to be made regarding his future.

SEAL Team season 6 continues Sundays on Paramount+ in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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