Salma Hayek Is Going to Star in a New HBO Max Comedy Series About Boobs

Salma Hayek wants women to ask themselves a simple question: What would you do if your boobs could talk?

It’s an existential query that will be explored in Hayek’s latest project, an upcoming HBO adaption of Leslie Lehr’s soon-to-be released memoir, A Boob’s Life: How America’s Obsession Shaped Me—and You. The series is set to be a half-hour comedy that will follow a woman whose life takes an unexpected turn after her breasts begin talking to her amid her own midlife crisis ahead of her 40th birthday, per Deadline.

The show is expected to explore the reality of living within the female body in a culture that is obsessed with women’s breasts. Hayek’s Ventanarosa Productions is developing the series, while Lehr is on board as an executive producer. Cynthia Mort, the creator and producer behind the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me (she previously wrote for classic shows Roseanne and Will & Grace), will also write here, as well as serve as showrunner and executive producer.

“We are so appreciative that HBO Max was insightful and bold enough to develop this show with us,” said Hayek in a statement. “In A Boob’s Life, we use breasts as a metaphor for the constant judgement women are submitted to, creating a collective sensation that no matter what we do we are never enough. In this show, we give the breast a voice that takes us through the life of a woman from a unique perspective that often we don’t dare to see.”

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