Sacred Games season 2 ending explained: What happened at the end? What does it mean?

Season two of Sacred Games dropped on Netflix in India on August 15 at midnight IST which coincided with the country’s independence day. The second series featured another eight episodes – the same as the first run. Season one only adapted part of Vikram Chandra’s epic novel Sacred Games. But season two essentially completed the adaptation and used up the source material, which leaves the future of the drama in question.

What happened at the end of Sacred Games season 2?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Sacred Games season 2

The Radcliffe line and partition

The season two finale opened with Shahid Khan (Ranvir Shorey) activating the bomb that would destroy Mumbai.

Shortly afterwards, Shahid called his family and spoke to his ailing mother who asked when he would take her to see the Golden Temple.

Shahid lied and promised he was organising it as he sealed Mumbai’s fate.

Audiences then saw a flashback to Lahore in 1947 during the Partition of India with a family fleeing over the border known as the Radcliffe Line.

However, just as they were at the border, a group of men turned up and kidnapped Navneet, one of the daughters from the family.

We then saw Prabhjot Kaur (Richa Kapoor), the mother of Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan), who was looking over a photo of her family and her kidnapped sister Navneet.

The flashback very much fits into the context of Sacred Games and the notion that religion has been used to manipulate and control the masses.

Later on in the episode, Shahid tells the police: “The bomb was planted in 1947 and has been ticking for 70 years.”

His words seem more metaphorical, referring to the religious tensions between the Hindus and Muslims in India created by Partition, rather than the bomb itself.

Shahid appears to suggest Partition was always going to end in an explosive situation which feeds back into the central theme of Sacred Games.

Gaitonde’s big revelation

The season two finale filled in the gaps that we had from the very first episode of series one.

We found out why Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) shot dead Jojo Mascarenas (Surveen Chawla) and also the reason he took his own life.

Perhaps the big revelation was Gaitonde learnt he had been a pawn in Guru Ji’s (Pankaj Tripathi) game the whole and the holy man had been manipulating him for 20 years.

Trivedi (Chittaranjan Tripathy) told the gangster kingpin that he’d never been in control and his fate always rested in the hands of Guru Ji.

Despite protests that he was the ashwathama or immortal, Trivedi confirmed he’d been in the middle of Guru Ji’s web.

An enraged Gaitonde killed Trivedi, which also explained why Sartaj found his body in the bunker at the end of season one.

Gaitonde killed Jojo after she said she’d also known about the conspiracy and had sent Jamila/Zoya Mirza (Elnaaz Norouzi) to him while he was in prison.

Again, we finally realised why Gaitonde killed Jojo after seeing him shooting her in the first-ever episode.

The scene was a poetic close for Jojo, who tells Gaitonde throughout season two her wish to die.

Gaitonde took his own life, believing his sacrifice was necessary to stop the bomb and destruction of Mumbai.

The cliffhanger

Season two ended on a huge cliffhanger as Sartaj Singh desperately tried to defuse the nuclear bomb that threatened to destroy the city.

Sartaj had three attempts left to break the code and stop the bomb. He was using the book he took from the ashram to assist him in saving the city.

As he entered his last attempt, it was clear he’d put in the wrong code in.

Earlier in the episode, we saw Shahid Khan putting in a very different code which suggested that all hope was lost and the bomb would explode.

There were flashbacks to Sartaj as a child and his father Dilbagh Singh (Jaipreet Singh) consoling him and telling he’d tried his best.

Gaitonde also appeared and told Sartaj he’d tried his hardest.

As Sartaj waited to find out if he’d entered the correct combination, the screen cut to black and the story was left open for another season.

Sacred Games seasons 1 & 2 are available to watch on Netflix now

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