Ruth Langsford shares health update as she returns to Loose Women after illness

Ruth Langsford has given fans a health update after the TV presenter was forced to miss hosting Loose Women due to being ill.

During today’s episode, the 63 year old was quizzed by her co-host Coleen Nolan on her absence when she said: "Where the hell have you been?"

Ruth replied: "I've been poorly on sick leave! It's very nice to be back in the real world."

She continued by saying that she’d had an “awful” chest infection which had been a struggle to fight off, even after getting antibiotics to treat it.

They then showed the video which she shared on Instagram amid her illness which was filmed by her husband Eamonn Holmes.

In the clip, Ruth can be seen inhaling hot steam.

"There's me inhaling, that was Eamonn and I was like 'would you go away!', she explained.

Other panellist Dame Kelly Holmes suggested that it could be one of the new variants of Coronavirus that is currently doing the rounds, but Ruth said she’d done three tests that were all negative.

She said: "I did three Covid tests, all negative. I just thought 'Oh I got a bit of a cold,' I was doing the Lemsip and the honey and lemon and all that stuff you do.

"And I was kind of lying on the bed feeling sorry for myself and I was like, 'What's that noise? Where is that funny noise?'

"Then I realised it was my chest, it was literally like a death rattle, and then I was like 'I need to go to the doctor'.”

Despite being well enough to be back on our TV screens, the former This Morning presenter said that she wasn’t 100% back to herself.

She said: “I feel absolutely fine but I've still got this croaky kind of thing in my chest

"A friend of mine has had it for four weeks, I'm feeling fine and back at work and everything, but this cough won't [go away]."

Ruth said she tried everything to get her “lurgy” to go away.

On her Instagram Stories, she said that she had been trying turmeric.

“So today I'm going again with the hot toddy… someone's told me to add Turmeric (which I don't like much)." She then asked her followers for some advice, writing: "Any other remedies gratefully received!"

She later said: “My 'lurgy' is actually a chest infection! So here I am on antibiotics and a steam vaporizer twice a day! I'm trying everything.”

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