Rick and Morty season 5: Will Evil Morty return for Rick and Morty season 5?

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Rick and Morty aired its final episode of season four on Adult Swim on Sunday, May 31. The series finale answered a question which has been bothering many fans since season two. The last instalment will be shown again for UK viewers on Thursday, June 4.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Rick and Morty season four finale.

In season three’s episode The ABC’s of Beth, Beth was given the option by dad Rick to clone herself so she could have intergalactic adventures while the clone stayed and looked after her family on Earth.

She didn’t reveal whether she went through with the cloning process or not but in the season four finale, it was revealed that there is in fact a Beth clone.

While one of the Beths was living her everyday life, the other was the leader of a space rebel group.

However, when space Beth went down to Earth, both versions believed they were the original.

Even though by the end of the episode they were happy not to know the truth, Rick said he didn’t know himself as he mixed up their identities during the cloning process.

So will fans ever find out if the Smiths been living with the real Beth or the clone this entire time?


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Will Evil Morty return for Rick and Morty season 5?

Prior to the release of season four, the creators of Rick and Morty teased the return of one of the show’s favourite characters: Evil Morty.

Evil Morty was first introduced back in season one and has popped up from time to time.

On the show’s official Twitter page, a tweet read: “Black and white and dread all over.”

The tweet was accompanied by a picture of a sea of Mortys in black and white with Evil Morty hidden in the middle, distinctly recognisable by the wires hanging out of his eye.

This led fans to believe Evil Morty would play a major part in season four but this didn’t happen.

Evil Morty was featured in Never Ricking Morty but this was only a brief cameo appearance.

Following this, Evil Morty was not seen again in season four, much to fans’ disappointment.

So far, there has been no official comment announcing the return of Evil Morty for season five which has already been confirmed.

But seeing as Evil Morty is a very popular character and the teaser prior to the latest season, it does seem more than likely he will be back for series five.

One Reddit fan has even come up with a theory which could explain the gradual build-up to his reappearance.

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The Reddit user labelled their post: “The Vat of Acid episode isn’t the story of Morty C-137. It’s the beginning of the story of Evil Morty.”

Explaining the theory, they said: “I mean Rick has done a lot of evil sh*t, but what demonstrates that ‘Ricks don’t care about Mortys’ more than letting thousands of them die to win a petty argument? Morty went through real character growth.

“He became smarter and more mature person, and undoubtedly the experience would leave him bitter as well.”

In The Vat of Acid Episode, Rick allowed Morty to kill thousands of other Mortys as well as his new girlfriend just to prove a point.

So could Morty C-137 been destined to become Evil Morty all this time?


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While Evil Morty was first introduced in season one, he may have used the “Time Travel Stuff” in the garage to go back in time and try to get his revenge on Rick.

The idea of the title sequence is that Rick leaves an alternate version of Morty to be attacked by monsters and this Morty turns evil.

However, there is a theory that this is actually normal Morty who, now filled with anger following this incident and The Vat of Acid Episode, wants to kill Rick and travels to the past to do it.

After the events of season four, the next series could finally explain the origins of Evil Morty.

Rick and Morty is available to watch on Adult Swim.

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