RHOA's Kandi Burruss Didn't Originally Pick Her Winning Night Angel Costume on The Masked Singer

Kandi Burruss couldn’t sugar-coat her excitement when she cried out with joy after winning The Masked Singer on Wednesday night and taking off her Night Angel costume.

“It feels great,” Burruss, 44, tells PEOPLE of the victory. “I'm all about girl power, so I was just so happy that I could pull through to the end for all the women. I didn't even realize when I first started the show that no woman had ever won before, even though I did watch both seasons, I wasn't thinking about it in that way. As I started going forward I was like, I got to pull through it.”

It’s a big week for you because you also have the Housewives reunion going on. How was it filming that virtually?

That was hilarious. I did not think that we were really going to be able to pull it off.  In my mind I'm like, how are we going to argue with each other over a laptop? But when it happened, I was shocked because we were extremely passionate about getting our points across, so passionate to the point where they had to mute. It turned out to be a really crazy reunion.

What can you tease about how the fight between you and Nene Leakes will or will not resolve itself in the final part of the reunion?

It does not resolve itself. She's still being a hater right now.

Do you think the Masked Singer exposure is going to fuel her even more?

I mean, I know she has been talking about me, but it's all good. [Before the reveal] I was laughing to myself like, if she only knew. But it's cool. Honestly, I don't really care too much about what she says. I don't mind it. I've been on for 11 seasons — at this point, we say what we say about each other, but I don't really take anything she has to say to heart. I know we will argue because we're like oil and water, we don't necessarily mix, but I don't take it to heart. I don't have any hate for her or anything like that. I'm not letting anything get me down at all.

Especially with your new song “Used to Love,” you're already doing so well! Why did you want to make a dance song?

When you can start off in an urban R&B group, everybody wants you to stay in that lane and I didn't want to be too stuck in one lane anymore. And the show really helps with that because I felt like I had so many genres of music while I was on the show and that was intentional. I can do whatever I want to do, I don't have to be stuck in a box. I wanted to do a song that was more dance and club instead of an urban R&B record. My last album was a lot more slow songs and I remember people being like, we need more to dance to. So I wanted to give people something that just made you want to move. I wanted to do a song that reached everybody worldwide.

Are there any plans for an album or a tour when you can?

I definitely want to do an album. I plan to release it in the coming months. But I really wanted to do a tour. When I first won, because it was before this quarantine happened, I had all these plans and all these things out there to do. And then our whole world got shut down. I'm not sure when I'll be able to tour .but my husband was like, maybe I can do like a virtual concert or something like that. I think that can be fun, so I think I'm going to put something like that together.

How is your restaurant in Atlanta doing amid coronavirus? You had said The Old Lady Gang (a clue on the show!) pivoted to takeout like so many others.

Yeah, that's what we had to end up doing. The Old Lady Gang, our restaurant, it's been good, but obviously not as we normally do when we're able to open our doors. Georgia opened back up, so everybody's trying to figure out how to open safely, so that's what we're doing right now, making plans. We’re re-doing a lot of the tables and stuff so we can social distance properly and all of that. Our plan is to open up in June, next month. And so we're setting up.

How has it been being home with two young kids during all of this?

Blaze, she is a happy baby. She is always smiling, and she's just great every day. But she definitely likes to be held and picked up, so having two small ones, he always wants somebody to play with him, so that can be challenging at times. But everybody in the house is pitching in to make sure we could keep them happy.

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