Ravi threatens to expose affair Denise doesn't play ball in EastEnders

Denise Fox’s (Diane Parish) affair with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) in EastEnders may be set to be exposed, after a serious threat from Ravi himself.

Denise’s husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is currently in the middle of an investigation, looking into Ravi in relation to a serious organised crime case.

He has recently promoted Callum Highway (Tony Clay) to trainee detective, and assigned him the task of looking at CCTV in order to determine who Ravi has had contact with.

However, Callum got more than he bargained for when he spotted Denise at the hotel where Ravi had been spotted.

After witnessing a heated discussion between them, he realised what must be going on.

Torn over whether or not to tell his boss the truth about his wife, he approached Denise, warning her to stay away from Ravi, because if he caught them together on CCTV again he wouldn’t be able to keep it from Jack.

Denise then paid Ravi a visit, ill-advisedly informing him of the investigation against him.

This sent Ravi’s head spinning, and he later intercepted a pizza delivery in order to get Denise alone once more.

He announced that he needed to find out what information Jack had on him, and being his wife, Denise was in the perfect position to do some digging.

Denise initially refused, but Ravi had an ace up his sleeves.

He warned her that if she didn’t do it, then he would tell Jack all about their fling.

With Denise determined to protect her marriage, will she go along with Ravi’s plan?

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