Ranvir Singh explodes at Sajid Javid over booster jab chaos ‘Five weeks too late!’

GMB: Ranvir Singh says booster jabs are ‘five weeks too late’

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Ranvir Singh and Richard Madeley hosted Good Morning Britain on Monday and welcomed Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid onto the show. The presenters questioned the politician over the current Coronavirus booster vaccine roll out. Javid encouraged people to come forward for their booster jabs if they are eligible. However, Singh and Madeley hit out at the Conservative MP, claiming many people were struggling to get appointments.

As Javid reached out to Good Morning Britain viewers, encouraging them to come forward for their booster jabs, Singh challenged the politician over his remarks.

Javid told viewers: “The fact is, if we don’t get our boosters when we are eligible then we will not just put ourselves at risk, but we’ll put the whole country at risk in terms of having to go backwards…”

However, he was interrupted by Singh who asked: “Are you not a bit five weeks too late with this?

“I mean, you started this then, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of the new vaccines minister.

“There’s a TV campaign now and there are many, many people saying the online booking system just isn’t working.

“There are many, many people… we’ve got reams of emails from people this morning saying ‘We just can’t book it’,” she said.

Javid hit back: “From what I’ve seen, the NHS has actually done a very good job with the booster programme and let me just justify that.

“The programme started about four weeks ago, we’ve had over five million people recieve their boosters in England, in just the last 72 hours we had over 800,000, on Saturday alone we saw 325,000.

“So, it’s picked up pace rapidly and in fact, if you compare the first four weeks of the booster programme with the original vaccination programme, we see double the number of jabs.

“That’s down to the hard work of the NHS and all the people that are coming forward.

“But, what is right, is that we do need more and more people to come forward as quickly as possible,” the Health Secretary said.

“They are!” Singh insisted, as Javid continued to list the groups of people who are currently eligible for the jab.

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