Queen of the South: What is James Valdez star Peter Gadiot’s nationality?

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Queen of the South is currently filming season five after shooting was delayed thanks to the pandemic. Filming originally started back in March but was halted as the world went into lockdown. The USA Network drama has returned to set and the latest season is expected to air sometime in mid-2021.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Queen of the South.

James Valdez (played by Peter Gadiot) was originally the right-hand man of queenpin Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcon).

As the series continued though, James’ loyalty switched to Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) who he helped to start up her own drug empire.

James has been there with Teresa through plenty of the struggles but she doubted him in season three, thinking he could be the mole providing the CIA with information about her operation.

Despite proving he wasn’t the mole, James left Teresa, going off to work for the CIA but it was to protect her, keeping the agents away from her door and leading them elsewhere.

What is James Valdez star Peter Gadiot’s nationality?

While Gadiot portrays a Mexican dealer in Queen of the South, the actor is actually British.

Gadiot was born and raised in the UK but there are few details about where exactly he grew up.

The only information in regards to his geographical location when he was younger is that Gadiot trained to become an actor at Drama Centre London in Kings Cross.

He may have spent his childhood in the UK but Gadiot’s parents on the other hand are not British.

Gadiot’s parents are Jules Maria Johannes Ignatius Gadiot and Aurora Gabriela Nava Gadiot.

His father Jules is Dutch while his mother Aurora is of Mexican descent.

Gadiot himself speaks both English and Spanish and is the youngest of three siblings.

So despite being British, Gadiot grew up in a multicultural home with Mexican influences which is bound to have helped him in his role as James.

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James didn’t star in the majority of season four, much to fans’ disappointment.

But he did reappear at the very end of the finale to give Teresa a warning that someone was after her.

When he delivered his message, James was injured with blood on his shirt but it remains a mystery what happened to him while he was gone.

Luckily, viewers will find out more details in season five as James will be making a full-time comeback.

Gadiot temporarily left the series as he wanted to pursue other projects.

The creators of Queen of the South gave him this time off but now he will be back as James for season five.

Showrunner Ben Lobato told EW: “We wanted James to be in season four, but Peter had some other things that he wanted to explore creatively, so he went off and did that.

“What that was done, he came back around and told us he was available.

“We decided to get him back in and set him up for season five and let’s go.

“Things weren’t completely planned out this way, it was something that happened through the season.

“We’re so grateful that it did, and we’re so happy to have him back.”

Queen of the South is available to watch on Netflix.

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