Pregnant Charlotte Dawson shares her nerves as she battles Braxton Hicks ahead of due date

REALITY star Charlotte Dawson told fans she is on the brink of giving birth as she experiences early labour pains.

The pregnant daughter of late comic Les Dawson is set to welcome her first child with fiancé Matt Sarsfield later this month.

As her due date looms, the former Celebs Go Dating star took to her Instagram last night to reveal she's suffering from Braxton Hicks, which many, but not all, women in the final trimester experience.

In her mirror selfie, a fresh-faced Charlotte cradled her baby bump in black underwear as she shared her nervous excitement ahead of her delivery.

She penned alongside the shot:"I've had braxton hicks all day I think they are and a few pezza pains does that mean it’s soon.

"So nervy but so excited.

"How is all my beltin followers feeling? My last few weeks I’ve been drained and so hormonal. Love you all."

Braxton Hicks – regularly called practice contractions – are perfectly normal during pregnancy.

While you are expecting you might notice your tummy becoming hard and experience period-like cramps, this is what Braxton Hicks are.

But don't worry, they are completely normal and are not a sign a woman is going into labour.

In fact, they can start around the middle of your pregnancy and many women may not even feel them at all.

They are caused by the tightening of the muscles in the uterus. It is not clear why they happen, but most doctors believe it is the womb preparing itself for labour.


Also referred to as practice contractions, Braxton Hicks are perfectly normal during pregnancy.

They are occasional uterine contractions, which feel like period-like cramps, that can be felt by many in their final trimester.

Braxton Hicks are a tightening of the uterine muscles and are understood to prepare and condition the body for childbirth.

However, they are notably different from labour contractions as they don't change in frequency or intensity.

The Ex On The Beach star has been documenting her pregnancy with her one million Instagram followers over recent months and regularly shared posts with her fiancé.

Previously, Charlotte revealed Matt had got down on one knee and proposed beside the statue of her dad Les in Lytham in September.

Les passed away from a heart attack in 1993 when Charlotte was just eight months old.

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