Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary clash in tense row over GPs in care homes on GM

Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary Jones have clashed on Good Morning Britain over claims that GPs have been deliberately avoiding care homes during the coronavirus crisis.

The pair were seen throughout the latest episode of the morning programme over the claims, with viewers messaging into the show both supporting and debunking the reports.

During one incident, Dr Hilary tried to explain why doctors may have avoided visiting care home – with reasons including stopping the virus spread and working virtually where possible.

Piers said: ‘We’re talking about transporting elderly people who were in the hospital with COVID-19, without checking that they were negative and putting them back into their care homes, where they then infected people.’

‘Well do we know that that happened?,’ Dr Hilary defended. ‘Because there wasn’t enough testing!’

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‘No we absolutely know that happened,’ Piers insisted. ‘And we know that on 15 April, Matt Hancock announced, they are now going to test people before they send them back to the care homes.

‘Well we weren’t testing them before, so how do we know that they had Covid-19?,’ Dr Hilary said.

‘Because apparently they knew in the hospital, they either had obvious Covid-19 symptoms or some of them were being tested,’ GMB host Piers responded.

‘Well I’d like to see that research because I haven’t seen that,’ Dr Hilary shot back, although admitted it was a possibility due to people being asymptomatic.

‘What I think is important is, why were they discharged, because we had a vast in input of acute pain patients with Covid-19 into critical care and intensive care, and other wards,’ Dr Hilary then explained.

‘And those patients, those elderly patients, probably weren’t being treated in the appropriate way.’

‘Nobody should have been taken from a hospital without being tested,’ Piers asserted.

‘We didn’t test a lot because it wasn’t appropriate, as the chief medical officer said, we didn’t have the tests, and that’s the scandal.’

Dr Hilary then revealed: ‘There was emergency legislation that was brought in, in the last few weeks, which meant that certification of death would change and that GPs didn’t have to visit a patient – even if they’d seen them in the last 28 days or so.

‘They could actually register death by video examination of the body without referral to the coroner.’

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