Phillip Schofield slammed by This Morning fans for ‘tasteless’ Alzheimer’s remark

Phillip Schofield discusses viagra for treating Alzheimer’s

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Joining This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, GP Dr Nighat Arif discussed the latest health news during a segment on Wednesday morning’s show. During their discussion, Phillip made a controversial statement against people who have Alzheimer’s using viagra, which sparked viewers of the show to slam his insensitivity.

Phillip began: “There’s one other headline here that viagra may help fight against Alzheimer’s, which is a horrible, horrible disease.

“One of those things that you think, ‘Oh my goodness me’, you sort of discover something out of another drug.

“So, you can remember you’ve left the front door open, but you can’t get close enough to close it,” he quipped.

Holly could be heard giggling next to Phillip, however, Dr Nighat ignored his comments and continued with her thoughts on the headline.

Viewers of the show fumed at Phillips lack of sensitivity and took to Twitter to express their anger.

@love_touble69 wrote: “Making a pathetic innuendo joke about Alzheimer’s is a new low for you @Schofe. Good on the doctor for ignoring your lame attempt to go viral with your flippant comment.”

@NEDD2323 also commented: “As someone whose mother had dementia, I wasn’t impressed. Any drug breakthrough for that horrendous disease is welcome.”

@KayMeller angrily tweeted: “Not funny, Phil, glad the Dr chose to ignore your poor taste of a joke #ThisMorning.”

However, some viewers saw where Phil was coming from and defended his choice to make the statement.

@Abbiebabes557 said: “I don’t condone Phil’s joke, but maybe this is his way of processing something like this? People deal with sensitive topics in their own way.”

@Hills_Smith7 also argued: “Phil’s joke may have upset a lot of people, but it put a smile on my face. Not everything is said with malice, and life doesn’t need to be taken so seriously.”

Phil also faced more backlash on Tuesday morning’s episode after he questioned if Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock had not followed social distancing rules due to his dyslexia.

The comment came after news had broken that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other Cabinet members had reportedly attended a Christmas party last year when Covid restrictions were still in place – something Number 10 deny.

Phillip asked: “Was it your dyslexia that meant you misread the social distancing rules?”

Sitting next to Phillip, Holly held her tongue as she squirmed at the comments made by her co-presenter.

Mr Hancock replied: “No, I can’t blame that on dyslexia or anything else! In fact, I’m not asking for any special favours because I’m dyslexic.

“In politics, I’ve got some things to offer in that case that was a mistake, and I’ve apologised for it, and it was a failure of leadership.”

Viewers once again were shocked by Phillip’s flippant remark, with @Benhowlettuk tweeting: “As a dyslexic, it’s not ok to make jokes about our disability.”

@JCArnold2018 also commented: “@Schofe was absolutely disgusting for this comment. This is so wrong in so many ways.” has contacted ITV for comment regarding Phillip’s remarks.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV. 

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