Peggy's final EastEnders trailer is more poignant than ever

Peggy Mitchell’s final EastEnders trailers are more poignant than ever, following the news that Dame Barbara Windsor has sadly died.

The beloved actress and TV icon passed away on Thursday at the age of 83, after a battle with Alzheimers.

Since the news broke, fans have been reminiscing about the beloved actress’ many memorable moments as EastEnders’ Peggy.

The iconic Queen Vic landlady made her first appearance in the soap back in 1994, as Barbara took over the role from Jo Warne, who had portrayed Peggy for several episodes in 1991.

Barbara’s iteration of Peggy featured frequently until 2010, when the actress departed the soap, but she returned for multiple guest appearances between 2013 and 2015.

In 2016, Peggy returned one final time, and revealed that she was terminally ill.

In anticipation for the legendary character’s final week, a series of trailers were revealed — one which featured Peggy walking through Walford, as ‘Last Orders’ was called.

However, an alternative version — one which featured both moments from the aforementioned ‘new’ trailer, and a series of Peggy’s greatest moments and catchphrases — was also released, and this version has been shared on social media today.

Viewing the trailer now following Barbara’s death is all the more poignant, as it features some of Peggy’s greatest showdowns, iconic quotes such as ‘Get outta my pub’ and special scenes with her faaaamily, as Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’ plays in the background.

Barbara created many a memory in Walford as Peggy, and this trailer captures all of them beautifully.

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