Olivia Attwood shares Love Island secrets – from 4am dumpings to covert kisses

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Former Love Island star Olivia Attwood has been spilling the beans about what really goes on in the villa, away from the prying eyes of the public.

The stunning star appeared in the 2017 edition of the show, and she finished runner up alongside Chris Hughes.

Clearly, a lot of effort goes into filming and making sure that all of the drama is captured for viewers to enjoy, but there are plenty of things that those at home don't get to see.

From manicures to cigarettes, beach days to sneaky snogs, it all goes on in the Love Island villa.

Now she's confessed about some of the behind-the-scenes antics that take place on the popular show.

Picture perfect

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She told OK! that her season had to make do with ratty hair and grown-out nails: "I have heard that in recent series, people come in to do maintenance on hair extensions and nails.

"On my series, there was absolutely nothing apart from the last week. Us girls who were in the final had someone come in to do our hair and nails.

"Until the final we had to cut our own nails, we had hair extensions hanging out, we were a f**king shambles! So for the series after, they realised the girls looked like absolute ragamuffins so started getting them some help.

"A couple of times through the series, they'll have maintenance people coming in. It was hard because you get so used to having your own hairdresser or nail technician, plus with the language barrier, it's hard to make sure you were getting the right thing."

Beach days

Fans were stunned when they found out in previous seasons that the cast get trips to the beach, away from the villa.

Olivia explained: "In later series, the beach days have grown a lot. We only had one beach day our whole series and it was quite close to the end. It was just because they needed to do some maintenance on the villa so they needed us out of the way.

"They separated the boys and the girls so we couldn't chat or get off with each other, nothing can happen to alter the storyline. The boys went on one bus, we went on another and we went to different places.

"You basically get tag-teamed with producers, for every two Islanders there will be a producer."

There's no chance of anyone coupling up or anything dramatic going down when the chaperones are there.


Some viewers noticed that you never see anyone smoking in the villa any more, but it turns out some of the contestants are actually fond of a cigarette.

Olivia says: "Before you go into the villa, you disclose whether or not you are a smoker and tell them how many cigarettes you would typically smoke in a day.

"You then have to go to the Beach Hut and say you want to smoke and a producer will take you literally outside the front door of the villa and you stand there and have a cigarette.

"In our series, you could literally ask for the packet of cigarettes and just smoke whenever we wanted. I know smoking is really bad and you can't encourage young people to smoke but I do kind of miss watching it.

"It really gave you that feeling of sitting around with your friends and having a gossip. At the bottom of the garden where there's white sofas, that was our smoking area and I always look at it and think about how everything when down there.

"The producers would have to encourage us to utilise other parts of the garden because we would just sit there all day, they used to film the whole show in one part of the villa. We were like bees around honey!"

Sneaky action

Olivia let slip about the sneaky areas Islanders would slink off to if they wanted some sly action.

"Liberty shocked the girls when she said her and Jake had gone further than they'd realised but there aren't really any secret sex spots for people to go to.

"If you go upstairs during the day you could have sex in the toilet or wherever if you wanted it but I think the editing of the show has just changed.

"They leave more to the imagination now and have made it more family-friendly. But when you're in the bedroom, there's so many beds and so much noise from the camera run, the gallery, people whispering, you can do stuff under the covers without people knowing."

Text chats

Many viewers had questions about the phones the Islanders used, and Shannon Singh from the new series confirmed they can't see the time, but do have a group chat.

Olivia also confirmed it: "You can text other Islanders from the phone so for the first day or two, for banter, we were just constantly texting each other but the novelty does wear off quite quickly but that's literally it, that's all the phones do.

"Nothing goes down between Islanders on the phone because, as we learnt very quickly, the producers have a phone that reads every text. You can't text someone a secret because the producers also get it on their phone."


"The producers don't tell you when the recouplings are but they do remind you to keep thinking about your speeches so that you're prepared," Olivia explained.

"If you get stuck, you can ask for help. I got stuck a few times and they don't give you anything to say but you can go over it with them.

"When you've been coupled up with the same person for four or five weeks, you do just run out of things to say."

4am Dumpings

You could be forgiven for assuming that the dumpings take place at 10 or 11pm, but it actually happens in the early hours of the morning. Brutal.

Olivia says: "Some of the dumpings can take such a long time. We did some recouplings that went on until three or four in the morning.

"We wouldn't know the time but the producers would be telling us we had to go to bed because it was the early hours of the morning.

"They're awful, they're worse in real life. On TV, they fill the silences with music but it is so deadly silent, all you can hear is the crackling of the fire.

"The villa is in the middle of nowhere so when you're stood there waiting, you can literally hear a pin drop. It's so intense."

The final day

The last day in the villa is a tense one, as the couples wait to find out who's won.

Olivia says it was her favourite: "The day of the final is the best day. You don't film the show, the whole villa gets taken over. In the garden, they're building the set.

"We were just p**sing about in the bedroom because there were construction workers everywhere. It's really exciting because you see them setting up for this big party, you know you're going home and you're not on camera so you just get to hang out.

"It kind of feels like the day before Christmas because you can hear everything being set up and you're just sat there waiting."

Love Island continues daily at 9pm on ITV2.

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