Oh dear, Nicola! Labour leaders team up in fight against indyref2 ‘People are dying’

Labour will not form coalition with SNP says Keir Starmer

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Labour leaders Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar have teamed up against indyref2 and stressed that the party  would not go into coalition with the SNP in the event of a hung parliament, while stating that recovery from the pandemic is the utmost priority

The leader of the Scottish Labour party told BBC Newsnight: “We made clear in the election that we don’t support independence. We don’t support a referendum. We think the focus should be on recovery.

“That people can play about with numbers and stats about what level of support there may or may not be for independence.

“It’s important to recognize that Nicola herself said that the focus is going to be on the recovery.”

He continued: “So I don’t think any First Minister should even be thinking about a referendum right now, when people are still dying from this virus.”

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Sir Keir Starmer also emphasised that the focus should be on the way out of the pandemic.

He said: “We’ve just had political leaders be absolutely clear that the priority is recovery from this pandemic.

“It’s obvious we’re not even through the plan yet, we’re still rolling out the vaccine.

“And we’ve got a question to answer – do we want to go back to the broken old system we had before we went in, or do we want to build something better, but I say we should build something better.”

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He went on: “That is the argument that we’ll make along with the climate crisis which if we don’t address that in the next 10 years, we’ll have missed a vital opportunity.

“So I think that will dominate the next general election, that’s the argument that would be making, and we need a strong Labour government in Westminster to confront those two vital issues and if you find the Labour government in Westminster, you’ve got to vote Labour”

When asked about whether there would be a hung government with the SNP, Sir Keir Starmer replied: “We are going into the next general election to win it on the issues that matter most.

“So that’s why I’ve been very clear, no coalition going in, no coalition coming out.”

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In A leaked draft agenda has revealed the Nicola Sturgeon will use Coronavirus for her campaign a second referendum.

Journalist Dan Wootton called it “pathetic” and a “huge mistake” on GB news on Tueaday.

The first Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s party has promised there won’t be another referendum until the crisis has passed.

However, we do not know the definition of when we might judge what passed means.
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