‘Not for us!’ A Place In The Sun buyers leave mid-way through property viewing

A Place in the Sun: Danni ‘gutted’ as couple say no to tour

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A Place In The Sun took a trip to the Costa del Sol in Spain for Monday’s episode of the Channel 4 property show. Presenter Danni Menzies guided house hunters Shane and Sharon around the area in a bid to find their dream holiday home. However, armed with a budget of just £135,000, Danni soon realised it’d be a struggle to meet all of the couple’s requirements. She was left “gutted” when Sharon and Shane left the first viewing without seeing the full property.

Before beginning the property search, Danni chatted to the couple about what they wanted to find.

Shane and Sharon explained they were looking to buy a holiday home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms that they could escape to in the winter.

The couple revealed they had a budget of £135,000, but also a long list of requirements.

They explained they were hoping to find a property close to the beach that also had a pool.

However, Danni swiftly pointed out they may have to compromise as a result of their budget.

“We’re definitely open to looking at anything. We don’t mind going a bit in-land,” Sharon assured the property expert.

Unfortunately, Danni struggled to impress the couple with the first property she took them to and soon discovered one thing they weren’t willing to compromise on was space.

She took them to a ground floor apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms that was on the market for just under £138,000.

Upon arrival at the apartment block, Sharon looked at the exterior and instantly noted it looked “a bit tired”.

As they entered the property, the couple made it clear they weren’t impressed with the space.

“It’s smaller than I thought from the outside,” Sharon remarked.

Shane agreed: “It’s not quite doing it for me, but I do understand we’re going to have to make compromises.”

As they stepped outside, Shane raised another issue as he pointed out the noise from the nearby road.

Sensing the couple weren’t impressed Danni attempted to encourage them to continue with the viewing.

She suggested: “As it’s the first property, shall we pop in and have a quick look in the bedrooms just so we’ve got something to gauge the next ones on?”

They agreed to continue, but things didn’t get any better when they reached the bedroom.

“The size is fine, like you say, you’ve got the storage space. But, the property is not doing it for us,” Sharon insisted.

“Not doing it at all? To be honest I’m getting that vibe,” Danni laughed. “Would you like to see anymore here?”

“No,” Shane and Sharon said in unison.

Danni replied: “Okay, let’s move on.”

Speaking to the viewers at home, the presenter confessed: “I’m a bit gutted this ground floor apartment with two bedrooms, that’s on the market for a negotiable £138,000, didn’t go down quite as planned.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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