No room to improve as huge audience tunes in watch Dermot Bannon's renovation

THE lure of seeing Dermot Bannon struggle to renovate his new family home while sticking to his own budget proved irresistible to viewers.

An audience of 641,000 people tuned in on Sunday night to see the conclusion of a two-part special that saw the celebrity architect battle personal demons in a bid to finalise the plans for his renovation.

It represented 46.7 pc of the available audience.

The consolidated figure for the first episode of the special edition of Room To Improve meant 777,000 people tuned in collectively.

The house is situated in Drumcondra, and the show revealed how Bannon began the project in December 2018 after he and his wife Louise moved out of their old family home around the corner to start a new chapter in their lives.

Having lived in their previous house for 13 years and with growing children, they decided it wasn’t big enough for their needs any more and snapped up a 1930s house in the same area.

The father-of-three spent around €850,000 buying the property and then poured an additional €600,000 into the revamp.

However, he encountered many problems, including sticking to his budget, renovating the huge back garden and deciding on the final plans for the sprawling two-storey addition to the house.

It meant Bannon ended up nearly tripling the size of the house, and he had to be reined in several times when it came to his budget by quantity surveyor Patricia Power.

Despite all the procrastination, the end result was breathtaking, with viewers shown around Bannon’s new open-plan kitchen and living room with a huge island in the centre.

It was a strong opening night for the ladies on Dancing With The Stars on Sunday, with 490,000 people watching them make their debut on the dancefloor.

Afterwards, 451,000 viewers switched over to watch Fair City.

The Tommy Tiernan Show on Saturday night also proved popular, racking up an audience of 404,000, entertaining 34.4pc of the national audience.

The comedian interviewed Mrs Brown’s Boys star Bren- dan O’Carroll, mortician Elizabeth Oakes and Donnah Vuma, who spoke about life in direct provision.

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