‘No one will watch it!’ The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright almost turned down the show

The Yorkshire Vet: Peter discusses his ‘concern’ over scrubs

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Peter Wright shot to fame in 2015 when The Yorkshire Vet first aired on Channel 5. The documentary series followed Peter and his colleagues in their day to day work at Skeldale Veterinary Practice. He’s since left Skeldale and moved to another practice, but is still a part of the hit series. However, the animal lover has revealed he almost didn’t take part in the show.

The Yorkshire Vet has aired 13 seasons so far and has already been recommissioned for another two series.

The show quickly became a hit with viewers when it launched in 2015, but Peter has confessed he never expected it to be successful.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk Peter admitted he took some convincing to be a part of the show.

“When we were asked to make the programme by Daisybeck Studios in Leeds in 2014 Paul Stead the Managing Director persuaded me to do it,” he explained.

Peter admitted he was wary of signing up to the Channel 5 series at first as he didn’t think anyone would watch it.

The veterinarian said: “I was in two minds about doing the programme for several reasons.

“I said ‘Look, it’s all been done before this. No one will watch it. Veterinary programmes are old hat.’”

Peter said he was amazed by the show’s popularity at first and struggled to understand what viewers enjoyed about it.

However, the star revealed it was his wife Lin who gave him an insight into what fans of the show tune in for.

“I said to Lin, my wife, when the programme did turn out to be a success, I said ‘Why do people watch it?’

“She said ‘Well, they’re not interested in you, they’re interested in the animals.’

“I think that’s very true. I think that’s a massive part of it obviously. The animals, the characters and also the people behind the animals,” Peter explained.

He also noted that viewers across the UK enjoy seeing Yorkshire’s stunning countryside.

“I think the reason The Yorkshire Vet has been a great success is down to the fantastic countryside that we have,” Peter remarked.

The proud Yorkshireman continued: “North Yorkshire, particularly in Thirsk, has everything.

“We have a fantastic countryside, we have fantastic eating places, brilliant walking areas, we have restaurants that are fantastic.

“We’ve got such massive diversity and a tremendous amount of culture and history right at our doorstep. We’ve got everything!” Peter enthused.

In recent years, Peter’s moved away from Skeldale and now works at Grace Lane Vets in Kirbymoorside.

Despite moving to the mixed-practice, he still remains part of the hit Channel 5 series.

“It’s business as usual as far as the Yorkshire Vet’s concerned,” he insisted.

The Yorkshire Vet season 1 to 13 are available to stream on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5.

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