Nicola kills a friend after mistaking them for attacker in Emmerdale?

Following her attack, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is constantly fearing the gang of girls will soon arrive in the Emmerdale village.

The overwhelming emotions lead to her asking Rodney (Patrick Mower) to stay at home with her.

However, when he leaves, Nicola immediately grabs the phone and rings Bernice (Samantha Giles), making out she wants to work on the presentation for the council and needs her help.

That afternoon, the fear of being out in public increases tenfold for Nicola as she realises she’s the only person able to pick the children up from school.

The next day, Nicola decides to exaggerate the extent of Carl’s illness in order to keep him at home, despite the fact he clearly wants to go back to school.

With Angel and Elliot at school, Nicola fights a panic attack, but her emotions calm when Carl arrives.

But when Carl grabs Nicola’s phone and heads outside, she panics again.

Outside, Nicola starts to hear laughter and convinces herself the gang of girls have returned.

Bracing herself for the fight of her life, Nicola hits someone over the head – but who is it?

Is it someone from the gang?

Or one of Nicola’s friends?

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