Nick Viall Is Out Here Defending Thomas Jacobs for Wanting to Be Bachelor

After weeks of exhausting RIGHT REASONS-related angst, Thomas Jacobs was kicked off The Bachelorette during Monday’s episode, with Katie Thurston dramatically telling him “you’re Bachelor audition is over.” And while most fans think Thomas revealing that he’d thought about being Bachelor was most certainly a🚩 red 🚩 flag🚩 , Nick Viall doesn’t see what the big deal is. After all, don’t most people who go on this show think, in the back (or front) or their minds that they could be cast as the next leading role?

“No one talks about it out of fear of what happens. It is bullshit, right?” Nick recently told Us Weekly. “Every guy [has] thought about [being the Bachelor]. I don’t know how it was before [because] in the past, I think people genuinely came for the experience, but social media has changed it.”

Nick even admitted that even he thought about being Bachelor during Andi Dorfman’s season—even though he was genuinely upset about their breakup.

“What always happens is first your friends, like, they’re excited you’re on the show. And then your friends are like, ‘Well, oh, my God, imagine you could even be the next Bachelor,” he explained. “And I honestly think everyone’s sincere reaction to that and [mine was], like, ‘No, that’s never going to happen. That’s crazy.’ And that was my sincere thought too. And I remember when Andi broke up with me and I’m in the Dominican Republic and I was just a mess, but I had a thought of … ‘I mean, wow, top two, like, I wonder if I have a shot of being the Bachelor?’ Of course, you think about that stuff.”

I mean…he has a point! The Bachelorette cast consists of people choosing to go on TV to find love, who know perfectly well that after the show is over the next logical step is 1) Bachelor in Paradise, 2) Bachelor, or 3) Influencing. It’s just a fact!

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