Nick Ferrari savages EU for constant changes to AstraZeneca safety claims ‘It is serious’

This Morning: Nick Ferrari discusses AstraZeneca vaccine

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Under-30s will be offered an alternative to the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab due to new evidence linking it to blood clots. Discussing the news on This Morning’s View segment, Nick Ferrari noted it was the right the government is being “cautious” over the vaccine. However, he hit out at the EU for changing the “goal posts” regarding the safety of the jab after initial claims it shouldn’t be given to over-60s.

When asked by host Eamonn Holmes what his view of the decision to stop giving the AstraZeneca vaccine to under-30s, he explained: “I think the government has to be seen to act.

“They are being incredibly cautious, some might argue overly-cautious.

“I hope I’m not repeating numbers that your viewers have already heard.

“Just to put it into context, a woman who is taking the contraceptive pill has a one in 2000 chance of developing a clot of some form.

“Getting on an aircraft, gives you a one in 1000 chance, taking AstraZeneca is a one in 250,000 chance.

“That’s the reality. It is serious, the government has to be seen to act.

“This is of course only for the younger age group. I know a lot of my listeners have been saying oh well the German and the French medical authorities were right.

“Well, no they weren’t. Initially, they said you shouldn’t take it if you were over 60.

Nick Ferrari says government is ‘back covering’ with roadmap

“They do move the goal posts a lot.”

Nick continued: “In all, they had to take this action.

“It probably is being overcautious but as this is a government-backed drug they’ve got get it absolutely right.”

The LBC presenter also spoke on why Health Secretary Matt Hancock is not changing the roadmap for the end of the pandemic despite herd immunity beginning from next Monday.

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“There are three different agencies that report they are modelling into SAGE,” he commented.

“The agency that will report on Monday that we’ve got herd immunity is not one of them so for whatever reason, they are not part of those agencies that SAGE listens to.

“And I also ask Mr Hancock if it is true, could that mean we could expedite? Could we look at possibly not having to do twice weekly tests, social distancing?

“It’s a funny sort of freedom but [the Government] is not for budging. They are sticking to this roadmap that you and I would call a plan.

“And despite the fact we’ve got eight out of 10 people vaccinated – the greatest vaccination rollout in the world – could we be having herd immunity?”

Nick added: “I think there might be a lot of back covering going on here as and when an inquiry takes place.”

It was recommended under-30s should be given an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine after a UK drugs regulator found 79 people had suffered rare blood clots by the end of March.

19 of those 79 had sadly died. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency insisted it was not proof the vaccine has caused.

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