Netflix's Behind Her Eyes cast 'floored and mangled' by killer twist as ending sparks backlash before show even drops

BEHIND Her Eyes is the hotly anticipated thriller coming to Netflix, but the show is already courting controversy over its ending.

Not even the series' stars – including Bono's daughter Eve Hewson – were immune to feeling "mangled" at the psychological thrillers's ending.

Based on the 2017 bestselling novel by Sarah Pinborough, the story of Behind Her Eyes is one of sordid affairs, spousal abuse, night terrors and a twist that noone will see coming.

But readers of Pinborough's book know exactly what to expect as the shocking twist has divided fans ever since its release.

Shortly after Behind Her Eyes the novel debuted, #WTFthatending was trending on Twitter.

“I read this book and was speechless,” wrote one Twitter user after watching the trailer, “Looking forward to seeing this.”

Another added: “One of the best books I’ve ever read and that ending is just so unpredictable… I desperately want to see if the series does it justice!” 

Netflix was sure to whet fans' appetites, confirming it would stay true to the novel's original ending.

“Behind Her Eyes is a new thriller based on the best-selling book… yes, the book with THAT ending,” the streaming giant tweeted from its official account.

The show's shocking twists and turn left the show's star, Simona Brown, "completely floored".

Brown plays single mum, Louise works for David and is having an affair with him but she gets caught up in a web of secrets and lies surrounding the couple, where nothing is what it seems.

Hewson plays Adele, the wife of psychiatrist David played by Vanity Fair's Tom Bateman.

The trailer sees Eve's character in various states of mind, from laughing and having fun with her new friend, to brandishing a knife and demanding her husband tell her if 'it's happening again'.

As well as some steamy bedroom scenes, the trailer also reveals plenty of drama as the trio start to unravel and their secrets are exposed.

"I was completely floored," Brown told Metro.

"I called my mum and said, 'you won’t believe what happened' and she was like 'no way!' and I was like 'yes, girl'.

"It twists and then it twists again and you’re just left mangled."

Brown also believed people would be able to relate to Louise.

"I would say she’s quite relatable. She’s a single mother who pours all of her life into her son to the point where she’s kind of forgotten who she is," Brown explained.

"She’s lacking some confidence and puts on a brave face and pretends everything is fine when really she’s a bit of a mess due to some past trauma she hasn’t got over which manifests in these horrible night terrors."

Filmed in both Scotland and England, Netflix has announced the series will be released some time in 2021.

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