Netflix left several details out of the disturbing Night Stalker documentary

In recent years many figures have been given true-crime documentaries by Netflix, Richard Ramirez is the latest.

Richard Ramirez, also known as The Night Stalker is seen as one of America’s deadliest serial killers.

Netflix used witness testimony, detectives and archive footage to show the details of Ramirez’s crimes.

When he was caught, he was convicted of 13 murders, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries.

His charges of sex crimes against children were not shown as to spare the court the experience, as the series shows.

He is believed to be responsible for many more murders that have not yet been identified.

He was given 19 death sentences and placed on Death Row.

What does the Night Stalker series leave out?

Most of the details the series leaves out are about his childhood and exactly why he committed these disturbing crimes.

In Philip Carlo's biographical crime book, also titled The Night Stalker, Ramirez's family were the only thing that ever made him feel any guilt.

It reads: "Somewhere there were people who loved and cared for him deeply"

He was born in 1960, his parents were Mexican nationals, Julian Tapia Ramirez and his wife Mercedes.

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Richard Ramirez’s father was beaten by his father and grandfather and ended up beating his brothers too.

His brothers began experimenting with substance abuse and their father beat them for it.

Richard watched as his father beat his brothers and was said to be deathly afraid of his father.

Richard fell a number of times as a child and was left unconscious from one, he had a scar even as an adult from this.

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His parents were exposed to nuclear radiation due to government bomb testing and his mother got a job mixing chemicals when she was pregnant with Richard.

He suffered from epilepsy as a child and had many seizures until he was a teenager.

He claimed to see monsters in his garden which scared him, these are now thought to be caused by his seizures.

When his older brothers moved out, his cousin Miguel aka Mike moved in after coming home from the Vietnam War.

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He would share horrifying stories with Richard, telling him of the women he raped while in Vietnam.

Richard saw Mike kill his wife by shooting her point-blank in the face when he was a young teenager.

Mike was found not guilty of murder due to insanity and was released after 4 years.

Richard began experimenting with drugs and had seen smoking marijuana since the age of 10.

As shown in the Netflix series, Richard didn’t speak about his crimes but did talk about his childhood.

He is believed to have committed many more crimes than that he was convicted of.

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