Naked Attraction star sent lover Moonpig card after making grim error in bed

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    Naked Attraction star Iain revealed he once sent a woman a Moonpig card to apologise for making a major bedroom mishap which left her bleeding.

    During Friday's episode of the Channel 4 show, the IT consultant from Manchester told host Anna Richardson that he was looking for a meaningful connection and is ready for a relationship.

    While chatting to the presenter, the pro-wrestler made the shock confession that he made a woman bleed after he accidentally 'slipped out' of her vagina during sex.

    Explaining the story in more detail, Iain explained: "Being a wrestler, there’s a lot of power involved.

    "So this one time, it was all going pretty well, I was putting the power down, and then I slipped out, and for me it was like punching a shark on the nose, banging against the wrong part you know, for her it sort of bled after that.’

    The TV presenter, 52, was stunned by the admission but even more so when he revealed a Moonpig card was what he sent to apologise.

    "I sent her a Moonpig card," Iain said as Anna laughed: "Not flowers, not chocolates… amazing."

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    However, it all got rather awkward for Iain, as when he rejected a contestant, she quipped in her exit interview: ‘I’m not that disappointed, because at least you’re not going to smash my vulva and I’m going to get a Moonpig card in the post.'

    Why put it on if it’s censored come on #E4 #nakedattraction get your act together.. at least use proper emoji’s

    What’s the point of having #nakedattraction on the TV if you can’t show nudity anymore everything’s got a emoji over it now

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