My Mum, Your Dad blasted as viewers fume over lack of ‘normal’ 40-year-olds

My Mum, Your Dad: Teaser trailer

My Mum, Your Dad kicked off tonight as the eight singletons entered their new home for the next two weeks, but viewers were left disappointed by the lack of “normal” people.

Monique, Sharon, Natalie, Caroline, Paul, Clayton, Roger, and Elliot all began their journey to finding love once again and all met for the first time.

Their children dropped them off and headed to their bunker down the road where they will be spying on them for the next two weeks.

However, just minutes after the contestants had been introduced, viewers slammed the lack of normality in them.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, @lucys_portraits noted: “So basically so far, all these parents are just older-looking Love Island contestants. Hardly a geriatric #loveisland.”

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@kev_g63 commented: “When’s the fat ugly one with bad teeth being introduced? These lot are just mature love islanders..#MyMumYourDad.”

@RyanTheSoapking said: “#MyMumYourDad is literally Old People Love Island with fully clothed singletons.”

@BoabSideshow expressed: “Where’s the love handled normal 40 year odd people? #MyMumYourDad.”

@dinglette1972 added: “Is it just me or the makers of #MyMumYourDad have been very selective on the type of people who appear on this show? Just #LoveIsland for the over 40s.”

@AmyPaterson_x quipped: “Was really hoping #mymumyourdad would have more normal looking people, like Brenda who likes knitting & bingo and Steve who likes a pint after the football! These parents are stunning, literal models.” (sic)

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However, not all viewers were annoyed with the show and praised how hooked they were already.

@Oliviavernon8 exclaimed: “Why has #MyMumYourDad not been advertised. It’s literally adult love island but better!!! Hooked already.”

@ShivOneAndOnly penned: “I’m sorry but this programme is amazing! Really excited to see how this progresses.

“THIS is what we want- REAL PEOPLE, REAL EMOTION, not people chasing brand deals and followers #MyMumYourDad.” (sic)

Over the next two weeks, the eight singletons will get to know one another whilst their children decide who they want them to date and what activities they do.

My Mum, Your Dad airs weekdays from 9pm on ITV.

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