Molly Rainford shares unnerving week two Strictly update

Strictly Come Dancing releases trailer for new series

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Strictly Come Dancing series 20 kicked off on Saturday night and didn’t disappoint as the latest contestants stunned the judges. Singer and TV presenter Molly Rainford and partner Carlos Gu performed a sizzling samba to Anne-Marie and Little Mix’s hit Kiss My (Uh-Oh) and left cold-hearted judge Craig Revel Horwood speechless. She has since opened up about the training for week two and explained that she felt “weird and strange” learning a new pace of dance.

Week two will see Molly and Carlos perform the quickstep to Beyonce’s Love on Top which is a more intense dance than their first.

The dancing duo recently joined It Takes Two host Rylan Clark to discuss their excitement over week one and how she feels about the upcoming performance.

Praising their performance, Rylan said: “It was amazing and someone seemed to have really really enjoyed it, a Mr Revel Horwood.

“I believe he said, ‘I can’t wait to see more darling’, that is what he said, not my words, the words of Craig Revel Horwood.

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“Now I have got to say, that is rare to get a comment like that, especially in week one from Craig, what were you thinking after you heard that?”

Molly exclaimed: “I wasn’t expecting that, put it that way, I got some really nice comments from the others and I thought, ‘Ooh, here it comes’, and it was so short and sweet and I was like, ‘He liked it’.”

Rylan added: “But you got a score of 31 in week one. I mean Carlos, she is very talented, we know she is. During rehearsals when did you think, I might be onto a good one here?”

Carlos commented: “I was actually, one week before on the Saturday before the last show and I was telling myself, ‘We are going to be good’.

“We have been prepared and we recorded it so we could see it and I felt it was going to be a good one.”

Touching on the upcoming performance, Rylan asked: “And it was, a score of 31, you should be so proud of that, well done.

“However we move, week one is gone, now it is all about week two and you are doing the quick step and you are going to be dancing to Beyonce, Love on Top. How is it going?”

Laughing rather sheepishly, Molly admitted: “It is my favourite song in the world. Not traditional but our version is quickstep-ified so…”

Intrigued, Rylan pushed: “Oh nice. Are you enjoying rehearsals for this one?”

Molly explained: “I am, it feels very different to the Latin, I feel like I only just got my head around that so it is very different.”

Sharing her worries about the new moves, she explained: “The technique behind it is very strange and the frame is weird – but hopefully we will get it.”

“Very different to a Samba,” Rylan agreed. “But you did say to Claudia [Winkleman] on Saturday that Carlos has got a split personality when it comes down to training.

“Depending on what mood he is in with the dance. How has he been with this one so far?”

Laughing at her partner, Molly praised: “Do you know what, he has laughed all day today! Most of the day he is like, ‘You have done that quite well’, and I’m like, ‘Yes’!”

After Saturday’s show, Molly and Carlos were just third on the scoreboard, being overtaken by Hamza Yassin and Jowita Prystal, and Will Melor and Nancy Xu.

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturday from 6:30pm on BBC One.

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