Miranda Kerr reveals her grandmother Anna has died just a week after the passing of her grandfather Pete

MIRANDA Kerr revealed her grandmother Anna has died.

The sad news comes just a week after the passing of her grandfather Pete.

The model took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the tragic news about her grandmother's passing.

Miranda shared three snaps of her and Anna together, including a photo of them enjoying tea, a throwback picture of Anna holding a baby Miranda and a shot of the pair at the model's wedding.

The 37-year-old wrote in the caption: "My darling Nan passed last week on the 27th of February. Nan there are no words to describe how grateful my heart is for you."

She continued: "You are the heart of our family.  You’re the reason we’re all so close. You’re the reason we have faith. You’re the reason we are all cheeky. You’ve put a twinkle in all our eyes.

"You’ve brought so much light and love into this world through everyone you have met.

"Everyone who has met you has been uplifted by your presence."

After sharing that Anna is "the reason I am who I am," Miranda wrote: "You’ve taught me how to love, care, cook, have faith, have grace, dress, take care of myself, my husband and our children.

"You also taught me how to pray, how to find humor and how to have compassion.

"You’re our compass and you’ll continue to be that compass for me and our children for the rest of our lives."

The model thanked her late grandmother "for being all a girl could ever wish for in a Nan and so much more," adding: "Please know I could never have been who I am without you, your love, your influence and your support.

"I am who I am because of you and I promise to carry your legacy, your love and your light in this world as long as I shall live.

"You will continue to live through me, our children and all our family. Your loving, kindness and generosity of spirit will never be forgotten.

"Until I see you in heaven, please know you’ll always be my sunshine."

Miranda concluded in the post: "Give Pa a big hug from me.  I love you both more than words could ever express."

Anna's passing comes shortly after her husband and Miranda's grandfather passed away.

Miranda shared the sad news in an Instagram post on February 14, writing: "Today we laid my grandfather’s body to rest but his spirit will continue to live through our family and all those he loved.

"One of my favorite recent memories with my Pa was listening to Glenn Miller, enjoying the sunshine on our backs and smelling the gardenia from our garden that Hart had picked for us."

She continued: "It was truly a heavenly moment. One that’s hard to put into words. Quite like my feelings right now. He had defied the odds and lived longer than the doctors had expected.

"And even though we all knew that his time on this earth was coming to an end it didn’t make his passing any easier. He was our rock, a gentle yet strong man who had tremendous faith and a kind heart.

"I love you Pa."

The heartbreaking tribute concluded with Miranda writing: "You can rest knowing Nan is surrounded by so much love and support."

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