Minimalist house in the middle of California desert goes on sale for $1.7m

Do you dream of getting away from it all?

Do you also like feeling the sun beating down on your skin, hot sand under your toes, and views of rocks and cacti?

If you’re nodding along, behold your dream property opportunity.

A minimalist home in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree, California, US, is up for sale for $1.75million.

When we say it’s remote, we mean it. The home sits in five acres of otherwise-uninhabited land, surround by boulders, in the Mojave desert.

That means you might not make pals with your neighbours – mostly snakes, bugs, and lizards – or have super easy access to restaurants and shops, but your house, despite its size, has everything you need.

The property is crafted from concrete, based on designs by Urban Architectural Space Group and in the process of being built by Kud Development.

The vision is for the building to look like it had just been ‘dropped’ between rocks – although it actually took a lot of work to clear the rubble and make space for the builg.

It’s not yet complete, but renderings of the finished project look pretty snazzy.

The concrete walls, poured on top of a frame made from metal and foam, were chosen to be ‘indestructible’ as well as allowing for proper cooling inside. Needed, considering the heat.

El Cemento Uno, as the house is known, is currently configured to have 1,647 square foot of living space, with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

It’s expected to be ready in early 2022, but is already up for sale to any interested buyers who are keen for modern, minimalist living in a celeb-loved location.

Design features include white oak finishes, terrazzo flooring, and sliding walls of glass.

There will also be a library and a reading nook, because why not?

Oh, and there are of course plans to add in a pool, so the space will make for a great holiday listing, too.

Wondering how you get there? Public transport isn’t really an option.

Palm Springs is an hour away, so you’ll need to drive from there.

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