Michelle Keegan gobsmacked over family connection to Emmeline Pankhurst

Michelle Keegan’s connection to the Suffragettes

Michelle Keegan was shocked to discover she had a connection to Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst in a classic episode of BBC’s genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?

The Coronation Street star took part in the hit series in 2018 and was given some astonishing news.

The show’s historian announced: “I’ve got another certificate I’d like to show you now,” before showing Michelle some documents.

Michelle read: “Birth certificate, so seventh of May 1904 – Norah, my great grandma.

“Born in 1904, registered 16th June 1904 and they lived at 23 Thomas Street in Gorton.”

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“Yeah, I want you just to keep reading here,” the historian replied.

“So, the signature of the registrar is E Pankhurst…” Michelle stated.

“Why do I know that name?” She wondered before being informed: “That’s Emmeline Pankhurst.

“She was one of the leaders of the Suffragette movement.”

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“So why did she sign this certificate?” the Our Girl star asked.

“Because she was actually also the registrar of the district,” the researcher explained.

“Wow,” a stunned Michelle commented, adding: “So obviously my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth would have known who she was?”

“Yeah, Emmeline Pankhurst would have been sort of famous at this time for being the leader of the Suffragette movement,” the historian responded.

She went on: “They were quite radical so they were in the papers quite a bit.

“So Elizabeth would have known who she was.”

“Really?” asked a baffled Michelle. “So my great-great grandma Elizabeth, would she have been involved with the Suffragettes?”

“It’s hard for us to say whether Elizabeth Kirwan would have been part of this movement, and that’s just from a lack of records, especially for working-class women at this time.”

Michelle is normally at the centre of fictional twists and turns rather than real-life ones.

Since the episode aired, Michelle has gone on to star in more fictional dramas, including Brassic and Ten Pound Poms.

Michelle’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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