Meghan McCain Returns To ‘The View’ Vowing To Continue Father’s Fight Against “What Is Happening In Country Now”

Meghan McCain returned to The View insisting the “ideals for America” espoused by her father did not die with him, as some have suggested of President Donald Trump’s harshest Republican critic.

In a thinly veiled swipe at Trump, McCain told viewers that when a candidate for office “says something racist at a rally you push back. That is what America is.”

Sen. McCain died in August of a malignant brain tumor discovered in 2017. President Trump pointedly was not invited to the funeral, at the senator’s request, while former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were asked to deliver eulogies.

In his final address to the country, said Americans “never surrender to what is happening in the country right now,” McCain said through tears. “I understand how divided, and how scared lot of people are. It looks like the fabric of democracy is fraying. We do not surrender, I’m not surrendering, so you have to join me in not surrendering,” she told the ABC News program’s viewers.

McCain praised potential 2020 Dem presidential candidate Joe Biden, saying she “would not be here without” the former Obama administration veep and without former Sen. Joe Lieberman, who Trump had considered for the position of FBI Director after firing James Comey.

“I want to tank them for being uncles to me…They are the most wonderful men and really carried me through this.”

McCain thanked the program panel and ABC for their consideration during her father’s illness, singling out show Den Mom Whoopi Golderg. “Father loved you. He loved you. He really loved you….And he wanted me to come back here, which is why I am here.”

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