McDonald and Dodds cast: Who stars in the ITV drama?

MISMATCHED Detective duo McDonald and Dodds will be back for four brand new feature length episodes in 2022.

Ahead of the launch of the show's third series, here's who'll be returning to the show – and which newbies to keep an eye out for…

McDonald and Dodds series 3 cast: Who stars in the ITV drama?

The first episode of series 3 will kick off with the discovery of a young woman's body sitting in a deckchair, with a wide smile still plastered across her face.

Each of the four episodes will then follow the Detectives as they attempt to solve a different murder mystery.

They'll also be under the watchful eye of new boss, Chief Superintendent Ormond, played by former Outnumbered star Claire Skinner.

Jason Watkins as DS Dodds

Jason Watkins plays the shy and unassuming Detective Dodds who's quite happily spent most of his career sitting behind his desk.

When his boss forces him out onto the frontline, Dodds initially struggles, but rapidly finds he has a hidden knack for solving crime.

BAFTA-winner Jason has also starred in Des, The Crown and Line of Duty.

Tala Gouveia as DCI McDonald

The second half of the quirky detective team is DCI McDonald, played by Nottingham native Tala Gouveia.

Unlike her partner, DCI McDonald is fiercely ambitious and determined to advance her career, having spent years patrolling the streets of South London before accepting a transfer to sleepier Bath.

Fans might also recognize Tala Gouveia from her roles in Eastenders, Holby City, Cold Feet and Plebs.

Claire Skinner as Chief Superintendent Ormond

Outnumbered actress Claire Skinner will be joining the cast of McDonald and Dodds for series 3, as brand new big boss Chief Superintendent Ormond.

Claire revealed that she was a "big fan" of the series before joining the cast, and added that her character would be "quietly intimidating".

As well as her role as Mum Sue on hit sitcom Outnumbered, Claire has also appeared in Bridget Jones Diary, Doctor Who and more.

Jack Riddiford as DC Darren Craig

Jack Riddiford plays another member of the Bath-based force as police officer Darren Craig.

The actor has also appeared in Dunkirk, Murder On The Orient Express and 2021 TV series Deceit.

Series three will also include a number of guest appearances and cameos, including:

  • Alan Davies
  • Holly Aird
  • Catherine Tyldesley
  • Dame Sian Phillips

When will McDonald and Dodds series 3 start on ITV?

Filming for McDonald and Dodds series three began in mid-2021.

The new series will be made up of four feature length episodes and is set to drop in early 2022 – but there's no exact release date yet.

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