Matt Willis mortified as Busted fan recognises him as he undergoes a vasectomy after three kids with Emma Willis

MATT Willis was left mortified after being recognised by a Busted fan while getting a vasectomy.

The singer went to get the snip after having three kids with Emma Willis.

But the procedure was interrupted by a keen medic who had spotted his famous face.

Matt, 37, told the When No One’s Watching podcast: "I'd three kids, so I thought I can’t do this anymore and I don’t want to be careful so let’s just get the snip.

"Obviously it’s a very f***ing strange thing to do. You’re completely wide awake.

"The first thing you do is lie on the table in a robe and obviously you’re naked under the robe.

"They get your junk out and you’re laying on the table and there’s probably about ten people in the room.

"I’m sitting there feeling really self conscious about having my cock and balls out in front of everybody, and I’ve had the injection so I can’t feel anything down there, and my thing is pulled up for everyone to see.

"And a lady comes over and goes, ‘so you’re the guy from Busted?’

"Nooo, not now! Not now! I was absolutely mortified. ‘So what are you guys up to now?’ ‘I’m getting a vasectomy!’ Not the time.”

Emma and Matt married in July 2008 and have three children together; Isabelle, 11, eight-year-old Ace and four-year-old Trixie.

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